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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Customer Reference Letters and Raves about CADD Centers

What Revit Users are saying
You can call these customers and ask them about Revit, but please don’t keep them on the phone too long.
Click on the letters to see full size.

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If anyone says Revit is only for small stuff, I can assure you that the
17-storey residential tower I am documenting at the moment is progressing
very smoothly, and that the 35 Hectare sites with 1,450 apartments that I
was working on a mere 2 WEEKS after I started using Revit are now in the
first stages of construction.

If there is one thing I can say for Revit, it is that Revit lets you focus
on ARCHITECTURE, not on whether you drew the lines for the cupboard doors as
BYLAYER instead of BYBLOCK and what were the names of that block again? oh
yeah, CBDD-FRED02 and they should be linetype ISO2231-444Q but only in
drawings with a viewscale of .00005, otherwise they should be linetype
ISO2231-434P except in drawing DQ223-9.dwg... you get the picture!



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