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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Output: Complete Set of Revit Plans

Who wants to see a completed set of Revit Plans? Apparently everyone does.
One of the biggest concerns everyone I've spoken to has is about the output. Will Revit look like my Autocad drawings.

And the answer is yes!!!!! Well almost yes. Why do I say that? Because Revit has every section, detail, elevation and callout number exactly right. The schedules show every door, wall, window, square foot and every dimension is 100% accurate. (We know you've exploded a dimension or two in your lifetime). Walls look the same. Lineweights are the same. Only now you can include perspectives, renderings, color shots and more.

At this link is a set of plans for a library  - PDF LINK

Click here to see a 46 page set of drawings. It's a 13mb pdf so it may take a minute or two. Right click and save it if you want to save it to your desktop.


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