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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Revit Architecture 2008 Product Literature and all the Whitepapers

Here's some new information hot off the presses from Autodesk.

Revit Architecture 2008 Brochure
Revit Architecture 2008 Questions and Answers

Autodesk Building Solutions


Revit for AutoCAD Users (pdf - 100Kb)
Revit Interoperability with CAD (pdf - 371Kb)

BIM and Facilities Management (pdf - 263 Kb)
Barriers to the Adoption of Building Information Modeling in the Building Industry (pdf - 140 Kb)
Building Information Modeling for Sustainable Design (pdf - 612 Kb)
Building Information Modeling: A Key to Performance-Based Design (pdf - 63 Kb)
Building Information Modeling for Sustainable Design Briefing (pdf - 94 Kb)
BIM Down Under (pdf - 263 Kb)
BIM in Brazil (pdf - 217 Kb)
BIM Concept to Completion (pdf - 64 Kb)
BIM in China (pdf - 80 Kb)
BIM and Cost Estimating (pdf - 417 Kb)
BIM and DWF (pdf - 194 Kb)
BIM for Interior Design (pdf - 763 Kb)
Using BIM for Greener Designs (pdf - 82 Kb)
Transitioning to BIM (pdf - 349 Kb)
BIM in India (pdf - 126 Kb)
BIM in Action (pdf - 56 Kb)
Tapping BIM using ODBC (pdf - 115 Kb)
BIM on a WAN (pdf - 167 Kb)
Parametric Building Modeling: BIM’s Foundation (pdf - 285 Kb)
BIM’s Return on Investment (pdf - 207 Kb)
BIM Goes to School (pdf - 276 Kb)
BIM Rolls Out in South Africa (pdf - 134 Kb)
Small, Medium…Extra Large! (pdf - 121 Kb)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Revit Demonstration Video

Additional video demos link.
We can also provide you with a live webcast demonstration - click here for contact form

I was playing with some models in Revit and recorded the session.
If you'd like to see the following:

link broken at the moment: click on this video link to download and see the video:

All of the toolbars

3D Commercial Building with live 3D section tool

Watch a 3D model rise out of a plan view
See the isolate category feature isolate all slabs in the building

Complete mechanical system:
Watch the isolate category feature in action
See multi view windows where an HVAC grille is moved on plan see it move in the 3D view of the room.
Instantly create a section and see the flip section view tool

See the live 3D section of a model and see the hvac system for interference detection
See the paint/glass tool.
Get a live look inside the sandwich board

Massing tool.
Change the building size in seconds
Add curtain wall, roof and walls instantly to a mass
Automatically calculated Gross building area
Add a complete and accurate wall schedule in 10 seconds

The video is 11mb so it should take a little over a minute and open in windows media player. Read more...

Revit Architecture 2008 Splash Screen

Click on the picture for a full view

Friday, March 23, 2007

Revit: Downloads- Revit Architecture / Revit Structure / Revit MEP and everything related! Updated download links as of 4/15/08

Revit: Autocad + Revit Architecture 2009 Suite *
Autocad + Revit Structure 2009 Suite *
Autocad MEP + Revit MEP 2009 Suite *
Crossgrades/Upgrades available from Autocad, ADT, Building Systems and LT.
1 Download Revit Architecture Download Revit Structure Download Revit MEP Download
2 Download, Print and do your first project with the Getting Started Guide Getting Started Guide Getting Started Guide Getting Started Guide
3 Practice Samples Samples Samples Samples
4 Tutorials Tutorials Tutorials Tutorials
5 Essentials Class Revit Architecture Essentials 3 Days $1095 Revit Structure Essentials 3 Days $1095 Revit MEP Essentials 3 Days $1095 - Requires Revit Arch Essentials 1st.
6 Advanced Class Revit Architecture Advanced Revit Architecture Advanced Revit Architecture Advanced
7 Implementation Implementation Guide Implementation Guide Implementation Guide
8 Familes Familes Familes Familes
9 Help Menu Help Menu Help Menu Help Menu
10 Users Guide User Guide

11 Technical Webcasts Autodesk Revit Technical Training Webcasts Revit Structure Webcast Series
12 System Requirements: System Requirements System Requirements System Requirements
13 Features Features Features Features

Additional Reference Materials

Events Events Events Events

Articles & Reviews Articles & Reviews Articles & Reviews

Press Releases Press Releases Press Releases Press Releases

Webcasts Webcasts Webcasts Webcasts

Overview Overview Overview Overview

Features & Specifications Features & Specifications Features & Specifications Features & Specifications

White Papers White Papers White Papers White Papers

Design Gallery Design Gallery

Customer Stories Customer Stories Customer Stories Customer Stories

Product Trial Product Trial Product Trial

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

Autodesk Revit Websites: Autodesk.com Revit Architecture Autodesk.com Revit Structure Autodesk.com Revit Revit MEP

Autodesk Updates Revit Architecture Services & Support Revit Structure Services & Support Revit MEP Services & Support

Data & Downloads Data & Downloads Data & Downloads

Support Support Support

Knowledge Base Knowledge Base Knowledge Base

Discussion Groups Discussion Groups Discussion Groups

Templates & Libraries Templates & Libraries

Updates Updates

Autodesk Discussion Groups Revit Architecture Revit Structure Revit MEP

Revit Architecture Revit Structure Revit MEP

Revit Customer Gallery
Revit MEP Wishes

Revit API


Google Blog Search: Revit

Google News Search: Revit


South Florida AUGI Revit Chapter

Green Building

BIM Information

University/College Architectural Students

AUGI Forums

Revit Architecture Support

Revit Architecture - General ,

Revit Architecture - Tips & Tricks ,

Revit Architecture - Families ,

Revit Architecture - Wish List

Revit - Out There ,

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Revit - API , Revit Structure - Tips & Tricks , Revit MEP - Tips & Tricks ,

Revit - Worksharing/Worksets , Revit Structure - Families , Revit MEP - Families ,

Revit - Tutorials , Revit Structure - Wishlist Revit MEP - Wishlist

Revit - Known Issues & Work-Arounds (Read only) ,

Revit - Hardware ,

Revit - Rendering ,

Revit - Student Support


Revit UP is Back. • Are you ready to move to Revit Architecture but still working on projects in Autodesk Architectural Desktop?

Ø Are you ready to switch to Revit® Architecture, but still have projects you’re working on in Autodesk® Architectural Desktop? If you answered “yes,” you’ll want to know about the Rev It Up for Architecture Promotion.

If you have AutoCAD Architecture (Architectural Desktop), you can add a seat of Revit.
Think of it as Revit Series Building Plus or AutoCAD Architecture Revit Architecture Suite Plus.

From April 5 through October 19, 2007 qualified AutoCAD Architecture (ADT) customers may participate in the Rev It Up for Architecture Promotion. For customers with seats of AutoCAD Architectural Desktop 2005, 2006 or 2007, this promotional offer includes new seats of Revit Architecture 2008 and AutoCAD Architecture 2008. Customers with AutoCAD Architecture 2008 will receive a new seat of Revit Architecture 2008 and retain their current AutoCAD Architecture 2008 license. Customers must also purchase subscription ($725) for the Revit Architecture license(s). Optionally, customers may purchase subscription for the AutoCAD Architecture 2008 license(s) ($595).
For all you firms out there with ADT who don't want to switch to the the AutoCAD/Revit Architecture package, this is the perfect solution for you.

Click here for the Customer FAQ

Ø Revit® Architecture software works the way you think, so you create naturally, design freely, and deliver efficiently. And because it is purpose-built for building information modeling (BIM), any change you make, anytime, anywhere, is automatically coordinated everywhere in your project. Design and documentation stay coordinated, consistent, and complete.

Ø Many of our Autodesk Architectural Desktop customers have expressed the desire to move to Revit® Architecture to gain a competitive advantage. But, they want the flexibility to use both Revit® Architecture and Architectural Desktop (now called AutoCAD Architecture) while making the transition. If this scenario rings true for you, you’ll want to know about the Rev It Up for Architecture Promotion!

Ø Take advantage of the Rev It Up Promotion today, and get the best of both worlds—the AutoCAD® drafting methods of AutoCAD® Architecture (formerly known as Autodesk® Architectural Desktop) you already use, and the purpose-built building information modeler, Revit® Architecture. Lots of firms are making the transition to Revit Architecture -- and the Rev It Up Promotion is the easiest way to start using the state-of-the-art parametric building modeling technology while finishing out your existing projects.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bimworld.com - Another great Revit Family Resource

BIMWORLD (5123 Objects )BIMLIBRARY™ is the ultimate resource for designers & architects looking for manufacturer-specific product content that is available free-of-charge and approved to be technically accurate by our product partners. Your models and construction documents take on a new level of specificity without incurring the costs of development. Read more...

Formfonts.Com - Awesome Revit Family Resource

http://revit.formfonts.com/ The premiere source of Revit Family objects in the world.
3500 objects and more added every day. They will make custom objects for you as well!!!!!! Requires paid membership for their content

Friday, March 9, 2007

Detailing in Revit - Brand new AUGI article

Here is the first paragraph of an article just released in the new AUGI newsletter. First of all, if you're not a member of AUGI, you should be (Click here to join). They are an incredible resource considering it is comprised entirely of Autodesk users and their years of experience. Here is the link for the AUGI Revit Community website.

We at CADD Centers are proud to be the one of the first 3 Revit AUGI chapters in the country.
I'm surprised that there aren't more, but I'll save that for another post. Also, if you live in South Florida, please attend our next Revit AUGI meeting on April 19th. It is free and all are welcome to attend. We can even webcast it with GoToMeeting if anyone is interested in that. Send me an email and we'll add you to the list.

http://www.augi.com/publications/hotnews.asp?id=1482 Submitted by Eric Wing

Revit Building 9.1: Getting Started - March 2007

Welcome back! Part 4 of this series will talk about one largely misunderstood aspect of Autodesk� Revit�. So many times I have heard it. I still wince. "You can�t detail or draft in Revit." Awwww, darn! What have I been thinking? Perhaps I�m doing something I�m not supposed to be doing. "Also, architectural fonts cannot be used either, so you are stuck with boxy bland drawings." Huh... I wonder how I am using my architext font. Okay, these are basically urban legends. You CAN detail in Revit quite well. It�s just different. I bought into these myths just like everybody else. I mean, what's to become of my precious AutoCAD� and all of those LISP routines I have spent years creating? Well, I hear the Smithsonian Institute is looking for nostalgia items.

...please click here to continue reading the article at AUGI.com's website.

http://www.augi.com/publications/hotnews.asp?id=1482 Submitted by Eric Wing


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

CostX BIM Estimating Software

Want to make friends with your contractors and help the developer save money? Exactal's CostX product will automatically pull quantities from Revit models and quickly prepare estimates. If you make changes to a model, CostX can automatically calculate the differences in square footages, lineal footages and quantites. Click here for the CostX demo

If you're thinking, "who cares, it's just the contractor", don't! Why? ...
...BIM is the creation and use of coordinated, consistent and computable information about a building project. Such information is crucial to more efficient design decision making, precise construction document production, performance predictions, cost estimations and construction planning, as well as managing and operating facilities. At the core of the Revit platform, Autodesk's purpose-built solution for BIM, a powerful parametric change engine automatically helps coordinate all changes across design, documentation and analyses. The Revit platform can keep information coordinated, up-to-date and accessible in an integrated digital environment, giving architects, engineers, builders and owners a clear overall vision of all their projects, as well as aiding their ability to make better decisions faster.

This means the contractor can take a Revit model, import it into CostX and come up with accurate quantities for bidding. When they have an accurate takeoff, that means they've captured all of the data from your plans and there are fewer RFIs and Change Orders. Wow, less paperwork for you.
Did you ever wonder why the call it an "Estimate" in the first place. Contractors are estimating the amount of materials and time to complete a project.
es·ti·mate (st-mt)

tr.v. es·ti·mat·ed, es·ti·mat·ing, es·ti·mates
1. To calculate approximately (the amount, extent, magnitude, position, or value of something).
2. To form an opinion about; evaluate: "While an author is yet living we estimate his powers by his worst performance" Samuel Johnson.
n. (-mt)
1. The act of evaluating or appraising.
2. A tentative evaluation or rough calculation, as of worth, quantity, or size.
3. A statement of the approximate cost of work to be done, such as a building project or car repairs.
4. A judgment based on one's impressions; an opinion.
Wouldn't it be nice if they could give you an "Accurate" instead of an "Estimate"

Back to CostX. It's an amazing tool that can help contractors quickly create their proposal and scope of work, and that means the job will get started faster. With fewer RFIs and Change Orders, your firm can be more profitable and use your resources more effectively.

Here are the links:
CostX Demo Detailed Features Product Brochure and...
Following the popularity of CostX, CostX Viewer makes it easy to freely share comprehensive costing projects with anyone. Take advantage of the all-electronic estimation platform and offer interactive projects to your clients and co-workers complete with detailed cost breakdowns and building revisions with live links to CAD drawings. Learn more..
Download the viewer and Explore CostX Viewer features with these sample EXF files: Sample Files (2.3 MB)

CADD Centers of Florida is proud to be the first Autodesk Reseller in the United States to have been chosen by Exactal as a reseller of their products. The first time we saw the CostX product, we knew this would be a perfect fit for our company and yours. By seeing the big picture of the construction process, we strive every day to help our clients be profitable with these incredible tools and we can solve another Piece of the Puzzle.

Friday, March 2, 2007

The Ceilings of Vegas

So, after our flight was delayed 9 hours due to weather, and an hour of waiting for our luggage, we finally made it to Vegas. We're in the airport which is beautiful and I look up and there's the curved suspended ceiling. My first thought was that would be so easy to do in Revit. Go to an elevation, sketch a spline and extrude it the width of the ceiling. My next thought was, how do you guys do all of this detailed work in AutoCAD and it must take so much time and energy. Then we got to our hotel, which was even more amazing. The level of detail of everything, the marble floor patterns, the mouldings, the wallpaper, the carpeting. And I think, this set of blueprints must have been a thousand pages and it was all done in plain 2D CAD.

Then, waiting in line to get into a restaurant in the hotel, where we had the most amazing hamburger at 6:47 eastern time, we start talking to the guy behind us in line. I was asking him about his pda, then it turns out he lived in my wife's cousin's building in Miami Beach for a few years. What a small world. I asked what he did in miami and he says he's a venture capitalist and is now developing properties in the US and the Bahamas. First thing out of my mouth is, do you know what software your architects use? He said CAD and I said, just ask them to start using Revit. He's calling me on Monday for a demo.

Till next time....

Thursday, March 1, 2007

And now for something completely different

No one ever tells you when you start a blog that you have to come up with something new and creative every day to keep people's interest peaked.

I'm leaving today for Vegas for Autodesk's One Team Conference and Sales Training. I will try to keep posting over the next 11 days and maybe figure out how to use the mobile blogging utility. I'm going to learn all about the 2008 products, so stay tuned for some really cool stuff and more reasons to switch to Revit.

In the meantime, since I have to go pack and get ready to go
to the airport, I'll leave you with my special blog post.

Last October, I had the honor of hosting a lecture by Cesar Pelli. We had over 1,200 architects attending a lecture by Mr. Pelli about the just completed Carnival Center for the Perfomring Arts in Miami. 18 years in the making, about $450 million dollars and it's a truly incredilbe facility.

This event was part of our desire to give something back to the architectural community.
As luck would have it, my father was Chairman of the construction committee for the Performing Arts Center trust for 18 years and was one of the original 6 Trust board members to create the Center, so only took 1 phone call to get the ball rolling on the event. Be careful, I can probably convince you to switch to Revit in one phone call as well.

Here are a few pictures from the event, and I'd love you to see the rest here at this link.
Oh, by the way, I almost forgot. The event was sponsored by Revit Building and everyone who owned Revit had VIP seating.

(Who's who in the pictures)
1. My dad, Cesar and I'm on the right.
2. Roberto Espejo who runs the Miami office of Pelli Clark Pelli and he was the project architect on the Performing Arts Center, Cesar and me again.
3. The Audience
4, 5, 6 and 7. Cesar Cesar Cesar!!!!


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