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Monday, August 13, 2007

"It's not fair" - Revit Resistance

Here's a little story that happened this week:

My father who's been a General Contractor since 1952 is now working as an Owner's Rep.
As he's seen the benefits of Revit and BIM, he's now at the point where all future projects that he works on will require Revit architecture firms.

On Monday he was having a meeting with an architect on a proposed project for one of his clients. He told the architect that from now on he's requiring the firms he chooses to use Revit.

The architect responded by saying that it wasn't fair that he would do that to architects and force them to use Revit.

My father retorted, "It's not fair that you're giving me plans that aren't coordinated and have errors on them."

I'm so proud of him....not just because he's requiring Revit, but as a Trustee at the University of Miami, all new projects at UM must be Green Buildings. Looks like I have a LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Dad.


Miguel Krippahl August 17, 2007 at 3:56 AM  

Maybe what the architect meant by unfairness was the specificity of the software. There are other, probably more powerful BIM softwares out there, and an architect should not be forced to work with one brand. This is Autocad all over again...

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