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Thursday, October 25, 2007

(Mis)understanding BIM - Nigel Davies

I’ve been working with “BIM” (Building Information Modelling) technologies for around 10 years now. It would be longer, but before that BIM was known by a variety of other acronyms, none of which adequately summarised what BIM is. Compare this to using the acronym “CAD” (or CADD as some people refer to it). CAD means Computer Aided Design which is so vague as to be virtually undefinable, yet we all inherently know what CAD means. The context we use it in helps to define it. BIM, on the other hand, has very little context at this point and when it does it is often confused and unclear.

What is BIM and why is the industry so confused? To answer that question it is probably easier to first define what BIM is not.


So what is BIM?
In simple terms BIM is the management of project information, both the construction of that data and the iterative process of exchanging it. BIM is the added intelligence to project data that allows anyone to interpret that data correctly, removing the risk of assumptions. BIM is the process by which the right information is made available to the right person at the right time.

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