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Monday, October 15, 2007

Who wants Revit Video Tutorials??? - Thanks cadclips.com

Here's a bunch of Windows Media Clips from www.cadclips.com

Revi Building version 5/6

Lesson 1: Introduction and Interface
Lesson 2: Levels, Reference Planes and 2D Profiles
Lesson 3: Walls and Roofs
Lesson 4a: Color / Finishes, Floors and Join Geometry
Lesson 4b: Doors and Windows
Lesson 5: View Range, Partitions and Stairs
Lesson 6: Site and Topography
Lesson 7: Align, Dimension and Tags
Lesson 8: Area Plans
Lesson 9: Mirroring the Project
Lesson 10: Converting REVIT rvt to AutoCAD dwg

Revit Building version 8.0/8.1
Lesson 1: Introduction and Interface
Lesson 2: Basic Floor Plans Walls, Doors and Windows
Lesson 2b: Stairs, Ramps and Railings
Lesson 3: Levels and Reference Planes
Lesson 4: Grids and Help
Lesson 5a: Structural, Foundations, Walls, Columns, Beams, Joists and Braces
Lesson 5b: Structural, Foundations, Walls, Columns, Beams, Joists and Braces
Lesson 6: Views, Floor Plans, Ceiling Plans, Sections, Elevations, Callouts, Plan Regions

Revit Building version 8.1
CADclip 1: Why Is My Level Symbol Black?
CADclip 2: True North – Project North
CADclip 3: Re-Organize / Sort the Project Browser
CADclip 4: Plan Regions for Furniture in an RCP
CADclip 5: My Light Switch Symbol is too Big
CADclip 6: MUST KNOW Rules About Roof Alignment
CADclip 7: Fancy Curved Curtain System
CADclip 8: Design Options in a Snap
CADclip 9: Create Window Tags that Show Size
CADclip 10: Creating Legends to Manage Components
CADclip 11: Arched Roof Over Dormer
CADclip 12: Elevation Line Weights
CADclip 13: Roof with Varying Plate Heights
CADclip 13: Roof with Varying Plate Heights - pdf file
CADclip 14: Make Your First Wall Type

Revit Building version 9
Keynotes Placement Demo
Lesson 1: Import Sketchup Files
Lesson 2: Detail Familes First Look
Lesson 3: Detailing - Edit Cut Profile
Lesson 4: Detailing - Framing Plans
Lesson 5: Detailing - Repeat Detail

Revit Architecture 2008
Lesson Outline PDF
Lesson 25: Floor, Slab, Roof – Shape Editing – Varying Layer Thickness
Lesson 31: Fill Color Schemes Demo

Lesson Outline PDF
Lesson 1: Building Maker

Revit Structure
Lesson Outline PDF
Lesson 1: REVIT Structure A to Z Overview
Lesson 14: Sloped Flat Roof System
Lesson 38: Wall Girt System
Lesson 101: Annotation Crop Regions
Lesson 102: Dependent Views in an Elevation Application
Lesson 103: Dependent Views in a Plan Application

REvit Structure 2008
Lesson Outline
Lesson 8: Rebar – Area Reinforcing
Lesson 27: Keyboard Shortcuts
Lesson 37: Coping Buttons


Anonymous,  June 1, 2009 at 11:52 PM  

thank you kindly
all links in one place.
much appreciated

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