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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Typical conversation during a Revit Demo and so much more that's on my mind.

If this isn't your first time at my site, I'd first like to thank you for using your valuable internet time and spending it here. Secondly, this Revit blogging is exhausting. You may think, how do you find something to come up with every day? Well, it's the opposite. Revit this. BIM that. Green here. Tips there. Content coming. Opinions, forums blogs, data, jobs....it's never ending. If this is your first time visiting the site, good luck absorbing all of the information you find here. Download Revit at www.revit3d.com/start and do the 4 hour Getting Started guide to quickly see why you'll want to switch.

The problem is too many items and pacing myself in posting them. I'm constantly being pulled in two directions. One is to give enough information, data, literature and compelling reasons to help people make the decision to switch to Revit sooner than later. The other is to provide tips, guidance, content, families, tutorials and every other bit of help for the current Revit users to help them maximize their productivity with Revit.

I hope you enjoy the variety I provide here every day. Well, this post is all about me. My first official Revit sale was on July 28, 2005 and they were the 24th firm we ever sold Revit to (almost spooky because we're the oldest Autodesk reseller in the USA and the president of our company sold the 17th copy ever of Autocad). Our company's very first Revit sale was on 10/31/02. In those first 1000 days and 23 sales, it works out to one sale every 43.47 days. In the next 838 days leading to today, I'm about to complete the 300th sale to firm purchasing Revit. Now, a new firm is buying Revit from CADD Centers every 3 days. Just to speed things up, I'm going to give free Revit training and a 1 year tech support contract to my 300th customer. PS. I'm almost up to 200 visitors a day to revit3d.com and I wish I knew where you were all coming from and how you found me. (Please leave a comment because I'm dying to know.)
[That's me on the left receiving my Autodesk Shooting Star
award for selling Revit to 175 firms in a year, standing with Gary Regal of Autodesk]

This all leads to the reason for this whole post in the first place. Having talked to over a thousand people about Revit, I'm telling the same Revit story over and over again (not that I don't love it, and I'm not complaining) and more importantly I get asked the same questions over and over and over again and resolve all of the Autocad user concerns. Yes, the output looks the same. Yes, you can export the model to Autocad and your engineers can still work with you. No, there are no layers, model space, paper space, layout tabs, xrefs or lineweights to deal with. Yes, it's completely different and they're called categories, families, visibility and parametric models. No, it's nothing like Autocad's 3D extruding up the Z axis. Yes, it completely automates your scheduling and coordination of section, detail, elevation, callout and sheet numbers. Yes, you can import all of your existing Autocad drawings, blocks and detals. Yes, you can have multiple people working on the model at the same time. No, you don't need any Autocad experience in order to use Revit. No, the files aren't that huge compared to Autocad. Yes, if you're on subscription you can install it as a backup copy on your laptop and home computer.

Part of my daily Revit story is a little something that makes me unique and completely differentiates me from every other Autocad salesperson and reseller. It's my shtick and I love it. You see, I'm a 3rd generation General Contractor. My family has been building and developing in Florida since 1934. Every single person in my immediate family is involved in the construction industry. Architects, Interiors Designers, Owner's rep. GC (license # CGC 000226). Property Insurance Attorney. My father, my brothers, my mother, my wife. 19 people in our entire family are involved. Actually, make that 20, since my cousin Barry does Bankruptcy law and is cleaning up messes with this whole subprime mortgage fiasco. I don't love being a salesperson. I do love when a person calls up to by a copy of LT and they end up with Revit. It's not that I love Revit, it's that I love what Revit does to help the constuction industry. Fewer RFIs, Change Orders and Addendums. It's why I left the construction industry in 1996 (Monday morning piles of paperwork) and opened up a computer consulting business. Now, I'm just trying to help fix the broken construction industry, convincing you that it's OK to share your Revit model with everyone, because sharing your model lets you
facilitate a new way of working that involves the creation and use of coordinated, consistent information–enabling faster decision-making, better documentation, and the ability to predict performance before ground is ever broken. It's called Virtual Design and Construction Yes, it sounds boring, but it makes architecture fun again. Interference detection, accurate schedules, heating and cooling calculations, accurate elevations and sections, LEED calculations. Post tension tendon placement. Yes, it's geeky in a way that's so foreign from your LISP routines and line weight standards, but it can double your productivity and if I can eliminate 10 RFIs, a day by selling Revit, I'm saving poor innocent trees and that makes me happy. So, if we ever meet or have a phone conversation, I hope you appreciate my passion and love for this technology and feel free to tell me to shut up becaue all you want to do is give me your credit card information and find out how soon you can take the next class.

I recently ran across the movie below and it's sometimes how I feel about the Revit conversation. One of the main reasons I started a Revit website in the first place was to document how I've been able to be so persuasive and passionate about selling and supporting Revit and to have all of the answers you were looking for in one convenient spot. All I ask is that you subscribe to my blog (click here) and tip your blogger on the way out. I'm offering a free pass to our brand new class, "Revit Family Creation" to the 100th subscriber (and you must stay subscribed for 1 month).

The movie below is pretty funny and you'll want to see the whole thing, but I have to warn you, there's some pretty foul language from 1:37 to 1:59 into the clip so hit Mute if you can't handle a little jobsite dirty language. You've been warned and yes, yes yes, I love Revit, that really is my license plate and I'll do whatever I can to help everyone who visits this blog become a success with Revit and help you make more money and have fun again in architecture. Thank you for sticking through this post and enjoy the show. Viva la Revitlution!!!!!

The gentlemen in the movie clip looks like an actual Autocad user. Can't you tell? He's been using it since release 10.
Please share this or any of my posts with anyone you think would enjoy moving to Revit.

One last note. Today is one of my proudest days working at CADD Centers. Because of the passion, hard work, training, dedication and skills of our entire Revit team, today we had conversations with two of the largest international Revit based architectural firms in the world and had lengthy conversations about using our Revit training, implementation and support services to help them. How you help documented Autodesk Revit success stories is quite the challenge, but we have the most amazing team of techs that can compete and exceed the skills of any other reseller, local or national, so we have the confidence level to produce results. Thanks team and thank you Revit users of the world.


Anonymous,  November 14, 2007 at 10:46 AM  

Our firm did not purchase Revit from you because of contractual reasons, but I talked with you several times over the phone. You really helped with our decision making to go ahead and make the leap from LT 2008 to Autocad Revit Architecture. We are located in Pensacola and I am in the process of talking the bosses into having one of your instructors come up for an in house class.

Thank you for your help.

Anonymous,  November 14, 2007 at 7:30 PM  
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