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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Archin3D: Is Revit Hard to Learn?

Archin3D: Is Revit Hard to Learn?: "Friday, April 27, 2007
Is Revit Hard to Learn?

The first thing I hear when I tell someone that I use Revit is “Really… I heard it is great… But” and then the second part that always follows is “Is it hard to learn”. The simple answer to that question is No but it depends on what you have already learned. If you have never used any type of CAD program then I believe that it would be the easiest program to learn. If you had AutoCAD or ADT background then I believe it will be a little harder because of all the bad habits, shortcut keys, customization, and workflow that we learned along the way. It took me months to stop using the space bar as enter or the escape key.

Some of the differences are:
Layers – Revit has none since you control objects (Doors, Windows, Plumbing Fixtures, and many other categories) It is great to be rid of all of those layers. No longer do you turn off one layer and something else goes off that you did not intend.

Shortcut Keys – Revit also has some but you can not easily alter them like in AutoCAD. This is good because it was really annoying when I went to another co-worker’s computer and I could not do simple commands since they changed them. Shortcut Keys also are not as needed in Revit since the layout of"...
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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Breaking Down the Walls: No Man is an Island

Breaking Down the Walls: No Man is an Island: "Breaking Down the Walls

An online resource for users of Autodesk Building Solutions products
Tuesday, April 24, 2007
No Man is an Island
If you are considering moving to BIM, then you need to consider the bigger picture - outside of your office and outside of your discipline. If you're reaping the benefits of model-based design by pulling your elevations and sections from the model, that's great, but it's really not BIM. If you're getting automatic schedules and even take-offs that might be considered BIM, in a lightweight kind of way, but there is so much more that is possible.

Don't get me wrong - all of those things are great, but if you're TRULY looking for the holy grail, you have to remember that the 'B' in BIM stands for 'Building', which implies that there are a whole lot of other people involved besides you, with different informational inputs and outputs, all contributing to and accessing the building model.

The Revit platform is beginning to allow us to more easily collaborate between disciplines with a fully functional and transferrable model, allowing for all data and geometry to move freely between the various teams working on the project, even though they may have completely different uses for and ways of dealing with the model."
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Simulate before Constructing - A general contractor's lessons show the value of putting BIM into practice. - Cadalyst AEC

Simulate before Constructing - A general contractor's lessons show the value of putting BIM into practice. - Cadalyst AEC: "Simulate before Constructing
A general contractor's lessons show the value of putting BIM into practice.
Apr 26, 2007
By: Kenneth Wong

Fifteen thousand. That’s the number of construction corrections Barton Malow had to make in a recent project, a 1.3 million-square-foot auto production facility in Mexico. In a job of this magnitude, building systems invariably collide: pipes clash with trusses; beams and walls intersect; and columns sit where the crew needs to be. The project managers had two choices: They could tackle these issues in the field by relocating mortar and steel, or they could deal with them virtually by pushing pixels. The company chose the latter. It’s easier, smarter and (to the delight of the client) much cheaper.
Debugging the Building

Founded in 1924, the general contractor and construction management firm Barton Malow is practically an octogenarian, a Michigan institution unto itself. With Daimler Chrysler and General Motors for clients, the company is at the top of the food chain. It’s also a BIM (building information model) practitioner. Two of its staffers literally helped write the book on BIM, called The Contractors’ Guide to BIM. (For more, read “How Many Contractors Does It Take to Scale ...continue reading Read more...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The National BIM Conference - CAD Management

The National BIM Conference - CAD Management: "he National BIM Conference

Description: Sponsored by Cadalyst Magazine and cosponsored by AECnews and The National Building Information Standard (NBIMS), the National BIM conference is colocated with Ecobuild America and AEC-ST. Planned keynote presentations are titled 'Beyond BIM Toward Integrative, Performance Driven Design Methodologies' and 'Global Reach and Global Impact: A Strategy for Environmental Integration.'

Workshops will focus on Introduction to BIM: People, Processes and Tools and BIM Implementation Strategies.

Numerous seminars will cover BIM in the International Marketplace Best Practices, Expert Advice; Overview of the National BIM Standard; The Application of Technology to Sustainable, Modular, Modern Design process; Making BIM Interoperability a Reality: Technical Details of the National BIM Standard; Lean, Green and Seen: Using BIM in Sustainable Design; BIMs Role in the Holistic Ecosystem of Real Property; BIM for Planning & Design; Virtual Building, Design & Lean Construction; BIM Vendor Perspectives; BIM & Project Costing; Implementing BIM: User Perspectives; and Integrating BIM & Specs.
Date: May 15, 2007 - May 17, 2007
Location: Anaheim, CA

Contact Info:
Website: http://www.ecobuildamerica.com/attendees/events.html"

Friday, April 20, 2007

Archived Webcast of AUGI ABUG Chapter meeting 4/19/07: Two firms discuss their transition from AutoCAD/ADT to Revit

Click here to view the recorded webcast.
It's an hour and a half long and is very interesting if you're considering moving to Revit or have recently switched over.

It requires Windows Media Player 9. It's not a beautifully cinematic experience, but it's very compelling. Read more...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Revit - Creating Custom Families Video

Revit Building- Creating Custom Families

Play Video


Revit Structure Blog. “BIM & Beam” is the official blog of the Revit Structure Product Team.


Hello! Welcome to the inaugural posting of the Revit Structure Blog. “BIM & Beam” is the official blog of the Revit Structure Product Team.

Today is the official release date for Revit Structure 2008 and we are very excited about this amazing release. In the next days we will share with some of the new great new functionalities of Revit Structure 2008.

First some history: we launched Revit Structure (RST) on June 7th 2005 and since then (22 months) we had 5 releases. I know it sounds crazy but it says a lot about our motivation to build a product for the structural industry.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Download Revit Architecture 2008...Today's the day!!!!!

Click here to continue

Download Revit Structure 2008

Click here to go to download page

Download Revit MEP 2008

Click here to go to download page

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Robobat Releases Extensions for Revit Structure


Extensions Support Building Information Modeling For Structural Engineers

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., April 12 – Autodesk, Inc. and Robobat announced today that Robobat has released a series of Extensions for Revit Structure, Autodesk’s building information modeling (BIM) software for structural engineers. A series of easy-to-use applications developed by Robobat, these Extensions are the most recent result of the technology initiative between Autodesk and Robobat to deliver best-in-class solutions to the structural engineering community.

When used with Revit Structure, the new Extensions will help users in key areas including structural analysis and reinforced concrete drafting. The Extensions also include a free variant of Robot Millennium, Robobat’s structural analysis software, which allows bi-directional integration with Revit Structure.

“Through Autodesk’s partnership with Robobat, we continue to provide structural engineers with world-class analysis, design and documentation solutions,” said Jay Bhatt, vice president of Autodesk AEC Solutions. “These third-party applications are an important part of Autodesk’s strategy to help customers streamline their design processes and make better design and analysis decisions using BIM.”

...continue reading the article...click here

Monday, April 9, 2007

Revit reference letter from a firm on their 1 year anniversary of switching from ADT

March 23, 2007

An Open Letter Regarding Autodesk’s Revit Software & CADD Center’s Revit Implementation

It has been one year since PAG first decided to make the leap to the Building Information Modeling [BIM] platform. The initial reactions in this office were probably consistent with those of other design firms: what will this do to production, can we still work in AutoCAD, and how much will this cost?

After evaluating several options, including competing BIM solutions, it was decided that PAG would move forward with the Autodesk Revit solution as demonstrated by CADD Centers. After the first demonstration, the opportunity to “test drive” Revit presented itself along with support during the evaluation period. After a few short weeks, the software won overwhelming support from PAG staff. The Revit Team at CADD Centers performed an evaluation of existing hardware needs, and made recommendations for hardware upgrades. The Revit team then handled the entire deployment of the software and any upgrades required for effective use.

During the hands on evaluation, PAG determined the value in database driven document coordination to be far and away the most compelling feature. In doing so, more time is dedicated to design quality control and the actual composition of information. The parametric underpinnings of Revit give PAG a longer window for quality control. Other crucial features for adoption included seamless integration with legacy work we maintain in older AutoCAD formats, simplified file structure, and finally, true ability to maintain drawing and project standards.

The new software’s “xyz” savvy brings the design sensibility across the production line, where key design moves can be analyzed earlier and to greater extent. This kind of “on the fly” study improves the end result, allowing the designer to keep investigating the solution longer than was previously possible in a 2D environment. Revit brings another interesting capability to the table; working inside out and outside in. By creating instant views and walkthrough, PAG is now better able to capture those “moments” and present them in a manner previously reserved for actual model construction or rendering.

Staff experienced initial drops in productivity at the hands of becoming acquainted with a new interface, and workflow methods. Although the office does not have enough data to determine actual percentages, a drop of 15-20% initially would be a good estimate. What we have also noticed however is a substantial but not quite equal drop in coordination time. With the increased confidence in properly coordinated drawings, comes an increased confidence in our ability to trim back RFI’s and streamline Construction Administration.

Members of the PAG staff have since gone on to take the Advanced Revit Training at CADD Centers, and attended several sponsored Revit User Forums. This training class utilized the more complex tool sets found in Revit, as well as providing experience with the rendering capabilities available to us within the software. In no time models were being rendered and solutions tested.

Revit has brought a sense of intrigue to Architecture again by becoming more and more comfortable with the understanding that we are working in the virtual environment in much the same way the structure will need to be understood in the real world. This kind of mirrored relationship forces a tighter understanding that our drawings reflect real world methods of construction.

The third party Green Building Studio has allowed PAG stand out from an already distinguished group of early adopters. This capability allows us to seriously undertake the task of sustainable design with far greater accuracy and with far reaching support from Green Building manufacturers.

PAG realized early on that this would be a learning experience for everyone involved, and that the relationship would need to be tempered with patience and support, and that this would be the measure by which to rate our successes. PAG has become part of a movement which elevates the profession and extends our reach as architects. With the continued support of CADD Centers, and the Revit community at large we hope to continue to not only grow our expertise but to help forge the future direction of BIM technology.

Thank you,

Charles Wilrycx

Software Coordinator/Project Management

800 South Andrews AvenueSuite 200Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
Phone: 954.763.4668 • Fax: 954.763.4711


Saturday, April 7, 2007

Revit - Walkthrough of a Hotel Lobby

Ladies and gentlemen, this is built right into Revit and takes only a minute or two to create a walktrough like this.


Revit - Walkthrough of a residential project

With Revit you can quickly create an animated walkthrough to show your clients.
You can even export it as an .avi file.


Revit 3D Live Section Video


Friday, April 6, 2007

It's Official...Revit Architecture is shipping April 12th. ( Revit Structure too)

I just received the news from Autodesk that Revit Architecture officially ships on April 12th.
You should be able to download it from the website on that date as well.

Finally, you can start to use all the new great features you've been reading about.

APRIL 12th!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Autodesk is reinstating two popular Building Solution promotions

Beginning today, April 5, Autodesk is reinstating two popular Building Solution promotions designed to increase flexibility during software transitions and to promote the value of training and implementation services to customers.

  • Rev It Up for Architecture Promotion offers qualified AutoCAD® Architecture software customers in the United States and Canada the opportunity to move from Autodesk® Architectural Desktop 2005, 2006, or 2007, to a new seat of Revit® Architecture 2008 software and AutoCAD Architecture 2008. Customers with AutoCAD Architecture 2008 will receive a new seat of Revit Architecture 2008 and retain their current AutoCAD Architecture 2008 license. Customers must also purchase subscription for the Revit Architecture 2008 license(s).

  • Engineering Implementation Voucher Promotion provides U.S. and Canadian customers who purchase Revit® Structure 2008, AutoCAD® Revit Structure Suite 2008, AutoCAD® MEP, or AutoCAD® Revit® MEP Suite, a US$200 voucher for training or implementation services on AutoCAD MEP, AutoCAD Revit MEP Suite, Revit Structure, or AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite.
If you're an architect using Revit Architecture, this is a great incentive to get your Engineers on board with Revit. If you're thinking about switching to Revit and are concerned that your Engineers don't have Revit, this can help you have the conversation with them to encourage them to move to Revit with you. Read more...

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Revit Structure and Revit MEP now available (to resllers anyway)

Yeah....Another official release.

Autodesk has just released the Revit Structure 2008 and Revit MEP 2008 official copies to resellers.

I can tell you that Revit MEP will definitely ship on April 11th.
Revit Structure hasn't been given an official release date, but I'm hoping it will be April 18th along with Revit Architecture.

Now it's time to sit back and wait for 3.6GB of files to download...


A definition of REVIT

Our west coast of Florida rep had a meeting today with a General Contractor looking at Revit, CostsX and Buzzsaw.

On his drive over to the customer I was telling him the zillion things there are to tell a contractor about Revit.

As I was flooding his brain with information, it started to occur to me what the words were evolving into and I told him he only had to remember one word....REVIT!

R-evise Instantly
E-stimating & Exactal.com
I-nterference Detection
T-ime saving for CDs, Construction, Estimating and Coordination

End result. They loved it. Watch out Tampa, Revit's coming a lot faster than you thought. Read more...

Design Review 2008 is now available and FREE!!!!

The free download of Autodesk® Design Review 2008 software will be available April 2 at http://www.autodesk.com/designreview

Be sure to export all of your drawings to DWF and tell owners, contractors, subcontractors and everyone else to use Design Review 2008 to open, view, markup and print your drawings.

Download the program directly....

You’ve installed the Autodesk® Design Review 2008. What’s next?
Download more tools to help publish, view and print your 2D and 3D files:

Learn more about Design Review:


Sunday, April 1, 2007

Bug found in Revit Architecture 2008

Apparently there are a few bugs in the new version of Revit. There's some sort of problem with the True North feature and contractors are having difficulty deciphering and coordinating the BIM plans. Click here for the patch.


Revit Family Objects

Updated 4/1/2012.  Oops.  This link is dead.  BIMworld was acquired by Autodesk, so if you go to http://seek.autodesk.com, everything is there.
--- --- ---

I have this site listed under my family links section, but I thought I'd take a moment and reiterate the fact that everyday more and more family objects are being created for Revit.

I present you BIMWORLD. They have everything and the kitchen sink. Here are the manufacturers currently listing Revit Family objects. You'll need to register for a free membership to download objects.



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