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Friday, January 11, 2008

So a guy walks into a office... 2 for 1 special

I walked into an architect's office today to save another soul from the tedium of 2D line drafting. No one was at the front desk so I knocked on the door of the room next to the front desk. Seated in front of me was a girl in her 20s and a man in his late fifties/early sixties.

I told them I was the Autodesk sales rep and they gave me the funny look of "what's an Autodesk". "AutoCAD, I'm the AutoCAD guy" I said (wincing with those tragic words), while holding a trial of Revit in my hand (tightly gripping the last copy I had in my trunk). If they didn't realize what Autodesk was, I was sure Revit was out of the question.

Oh, AutoCAD, we use AutoCAD, we have the latest version, AutoCAD 2004 LT.
Wow, that's great, but there's a new program that's so much better, as I present the sleek, shiny and sexy Revit Architecture trial package (with the amazing Getting Started Guide gently nestled in it's home on the inside left side of the (hopefully recyclable) package.
"Well, Revit's starting to replace AutoCAD and..."
We've been down this road before and that program is too complicated. All we need is AutoCAD and it works fine for us. Now, we have to get back to work and we're on a deadline, so thank you for stopping by.
Well, here's my card. Take a look at my revit3d.com blog and call me if you ever have any questions (as I hand my card to the girl who has a curious look, or perhaps it was a "help, I've been kidnapped. Please save me from this dungeon. The look could have gone either way and I can only speculate.

So, here's the irony of the story. The architect is sitting next to his drafter. He doesn't know how to use AutoCAD, so he's dictating to her where to put the lines on the screen. She knows AutoCAD, but doesn't have his 30 years of architecture and construction experience. It now takes two people to do one person's job (as opposed to Revit where one person could potentially do the work of two people. I'm in awe of the double reverse lack of productivity they're experiencing (Two for One Special). He's never used AutoCAD, can't use AutoCAD, is forced to sit over the girl's shoulder and tell her how to draft the design and he's telling me that Revit's too complicated? This man's crazy, I'm thinking. A program he's never seen or heard of is more complicated than his own program that he can't even use. Ah, I just love the digital divide. ...to be continued...

PS. When me, or one of my peers walks into your office. please don't be so stubborn about not seeing us or not taking a look at Revit. We know you don't have time to see us, but that's the point. Revit saves you time, and if you had it, you'd have the time to see us. There are over 250,000 people who have bought it with 7 to 8000 a month switching and those numbers are growing every day. It really is a more intuitive, intelligent and a more fun and holistic approach to architecture. Humor us, take a look at it, download it and try the getting started guide. The industry is shifting to BIM faster than you think. So, please, take 5 minutes to meet with your Revit salesperson. Revit comes bundled with AutoCAD, so there's no need to have one or the other. Both can live in peaceful coexistence on your computer and you can slowly grow into Revit. Thank you.


Daryl Gregoire January 11, 2008 at 10:45 AM  

Hi Greg, FUNNY story. Please share more stories. As an Autodesk AE from way back I can say "I hear you buddy". What's an autodesk? hahahah Send them over to www.CADclips.com for a little demo video.

At some point we really need to coral up all the 2d CAD sceptics and show them the new, easy, fast, integrated, productive, time saving ways of the REVIT product line ! A properly trained CAD person with the REVIT suite can do the job of several people !!

Ok, I have a funnt story. I was teaching an architect who had 'birds' in the office. Two basic budgie birds. Long story short.....try teaching CAD with one bird on your head and one on your shoulder and keep a straight face. It wasn't easy.

Edo January 14, 2008 at 8:01 PM  

Funny but true... what's Autodesk? Hahaha...
I also work for an Autodesk VAR, and deal with a lot of confussion about what is Autodesk. But Revit is quite familiar here.
I thought in the States, you guys are much more advanced than we are... hehehe... But it seems that many still prefer AutoCAD, just like in here!

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