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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mental Ray comparison to Accurender in Revit Architecture 2009

This is from the 2009 help menu. Click on the photo to see a closeup of the new Mental Ray Dialog Box within Revit.
Revit Architecture 2009 User's Guide > What's New in This Release > Rendering Enhancements >
What's Changed for Rendering?

The following table lists rendering features and functions in 2008, and describes how these have changed in Revit Architecture 2009.

Revit 2008 FeatureIn Revit 2009...For more information
AccuRender radiosity and raytracingRevit Architecture 2009 now performs these functions automatically when it renders an image. You no longer need to perform these functions as separate steps.Rendering an Image
AccuRender environment settings, sun and sky settingsWhen you define render settings, you specify whether the sky is cloudy or hazy (or both), or a solid color. For the sun position, you can select from predefined settings, or define a sun position based on date/time/location or azimuth/altitude.Controlling Lighting in a Rendered Image, Specifying the Background for a Rendered Image
Render scenesYou define render settings for each view. To apply defined render settings to other views, create a view template. Then apply it to the desired 3D views.Defining Render Settings, View Templates for Render Settings
AccuRender backface culling, view cullingRevit Architecture 2009 now performs these functions automatically when it renders an image. You no longer need to specify these settings.
External material librariesMaterial definitions are stored as part of the project file. Render appearances are stored in a local, read-only library. If you make any changes to render appearances for materials, the changes are stored as part of the project. To share changes to render appearances with team members, use File menuTransfer Project Standards.Materials, Rendering Appearance Library, Transferring Project Standards
AccuRender procedural treesArchVision RPC treesPlants and Entourage
Seasonal settingsFor many plants, you can now select a render appearance that shows a standard version of the plant or a fall version of the plant. You specify this in the plant family. The plant season is no longer a render setting.Specifying a Render Appearance for an RPC Family


Larry April 16, 2008 at 11:46 PM  

Have I missed something or is it no longer possible to put in a custom background photo?

Gregory Arkin April 17, 2008 at 12:12 AM  

You can import a jpg and apply it as a decal and have that in the background.

Under the help menu, search for image or background.

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