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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Swept Away with Revit

I just made a really cool Revit model with the brand new Swept Blend command.
The great news is that I've just uploaded the Revit model for you to play with.
The terrible news is that you can't open it in Revit Arch 2008. You're going to have to wait until April.

I hope your copy of Revit is on subscription so you can get the new version when it comes out. Repeat after me "Revit Architecture 2008 64bit". *I just read a blog today stating it wasn't coming out as 64bit, but it made it seem like a midyear update could happen.

Here's a link to this model. Don't even bother clicking on it now unless you've got a demo version of Revit 2009 (28mb file)

By the way, this whole model took about 8 minutes to create including the curtain wall system.

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