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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Miami International University Revit Architecture Training Sign Up Link

I just got a request from the students at Miami International University, an interior design school here in South Florida. Apparently, they all want to learn Revit, but the school hasn't added it to their curriculum yet which is a very common problem. (I just found a technical college in Florida teaching Revit 9.1. They're only 2 years behind, so that's not so terrible)

They want a custom class on 3 Saturdays. Since we're so proactive with the student community, how could we say no although Mark did have to get permission from his wife to teach the class on the weekends).

So, with Sherry Cucchiella and Rick Navarro's help, we're going to have a class for 30 of their students on May 10, 17 & 31.

For the students currently enrolled at MIU here is the link to sign up.


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