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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Old video driver causing Revit Architecture 2009 to crash

One of my readers has reported that Revit Architecture 2009 was crashing when upgrading models and saving files. After a few reinstalls with no improvement, he decided to upgrade his NVidia 1400 video driver, which has fixed the problem.

This post shall serve as a reminder to make sure you have the latest video driver.

In case you don't know how to check your video driver's version here's some help.

  1. right click the my computer icon on your desktop
  2. left click properties
  3. left click the hardware tab
  4. left click the device manager button
  5. click the + sign next to display adapter
  6. double click on your video card
  7. click the driver tab
  8. you'll see your driver provider, driver date and version
  9. if you've got a dell computer click here to enter your service tag number and get the latest driver
  10. if you have another brand, go to your video card provider's website.
Hope that helps. I used to get paid for this sort of thing. If someone would be a seat of Revit from me, that would definitely make me feel better :-)

PS. Thanks Eric!


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