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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Revit Milestone of the Day

One of the many important things about having a blog is actually having an audience. One indicator of knowing that people are reading your blog is the feedburner.com subscription service. Today I hit the milestone of 500 subscribers. Thank you Laura Wood of Nacht & Lewis Architects in Sacramento California. Laura, if you're reading this, you've won a free pass to our Revit class of Creating Custom Content and you can take it live over the web so you don't have to travel all the way to Florida. The rest of you can email me and sign up for it. It's $395 for the one day class. Our next class is July 11th.

For another milestone, although this one's been happening a little more frequently, I received two phone calls yesterday. In the first call, the customer specifically asked to purchase Revit for his firm. My immediate response was "are you sure I can't talk you into buying AutoCAD LT?" You see, I've spent the last three years getting phone calls for AutoCAD and LT and started talking to them about Revit. Rabbit? What's Rabbit....It's one of the primary reasons I started this blog in the first place. I was just plained tired of telling the whole Revit story over and over and over and over again. Thankfully, now, people are calling up and asking for Revit. Now, that's a milestone.

As you can see from the two photos, these are the people that have visited my blog today. The first picture is the world, and the second, little of US of A(utoCAD). USSR? U Should Switch to Revit? I think it's safe to say that Revit has definitely hit it's prime, although not in Russia.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot....the second phone call. Yes, he did call and ask for Revit. Then we had the wonderful conversation about subscription. "I have to pay $725/year?" Yes, I explained, more productivity, automated schedules, renderings, and all of the rest of the benefits for $1.99/day. Still not convinced, I told him to go to www.revitarchitecture2010.com, download the software and run through the Getting Started Guide at www.revit3d.com/guide so he could see for himself what Revit could do for him. Well, we can't win them all.

Thank you to my faithful readers and you random visitors finding your way here from various searches.
My gift to all of you today is to leave you with a rumor I heard today that Revit 64 bit will be coming in September. I have no official word. I'm not a beta tester. I'm just saying, someone mentioned that they heard something from a guy who knows someone who's cousin....oh never mind....I just think we're getting real close to super speedy software.

So, to everyone who's not a subscriber to my blog, please sign up for an email subscription. Not only do you get automatic updates, but I'm thinking of doing something really special form my 1,000th subscriber.


Anonymous,  June 30, 2008 at 9:15 PM  

Thanks for the offer Greg, I'd love to take the course.

Great blog, thank you for your time and effort. We all appreciate it.

Laura Wood

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