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Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 11th Revit Intermediate Class - Creating Revit Families - Available via webcast 9am-5pm EST $395

We can offer this class to any firm on an as needed basis. Contact me for more information.
This post was original written in 2008, but we still have the class every month via live webcast.
Go to www.caddcenters.com for our latest class list and schedule (upcoming classes at the bottom of this post).

We're offering a live webcast of our Revit Family Creation class on July 11th.
If you'd like to attend, please download the application here and send it back by 6pm on the 10th.



This course is designed for Revit users in Architectural, Structural and MEP firms who have been using the Revit platform on projects. It is recommended that participants be familiar with the Revit platform, interface and use.

The course will cover the creation of Revit family content (.rfa) for any of the Revit Platform products presently being used in the A/E, BIM world. It is available to anyone through attendance at our Fort Lauderdale training center or via our Web based “live” training programs.
Prerequisites: It is recommended that students have a working knowledge of the Revit platform.


Creating Family content for Revit products is in high demand and as a result of your participation in this training you will be able to create any family content for your business and as a result be able to complete Revit projects in a timely manner with robust content that can be extracted to schedules, and any data base which accepts ODBC (Open Database Connectivity).
Hands-on exercises throughout the course demonstrate the techniques that are taught. The exercises are provided with both printed materials and databases in hard copy and electronic format for screen viewing. The material content of the course is partially provided by the Autodesk Corporation and includes custom content developed by the technical staff of CADD Centers of Florida.

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