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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yeah...I just finished signing up for AU 2008

That was exhausting. The schedule is intense. IPD, Navisworks, Families, Lighting, Modeling, Coordination, CNC, API, VSTA, SDK, Revit, Revit, Revit, BIM, arghhh...make it stop....BIM overload. I don't know how much more my brain can take.

I'm officially the first salesperson from our company to ever attend an AU. No wonder my competitors are still selling AutoCAD and not Revit.

Here's a PDF of the whole schedule if you want to look through all 75 pages...

PS. Matt, I signed up for your class....It better be good or they'll never let you back into the country.
Viva Las Vegas. Revitas Ergo Zoom.

To any of my blog subscribers attending AU. I'm budgeting for a Revit3D Round of Drinks one evening. RSVP via email if you'd like to join the party...I don't know how many people I can afford, but I'll try to save up for December. Matt, this does not include you. You owe me enough Australian wine as it is!!!!! I'm going to try to get Broutek to sponsor it as well, so if you're interested in meeting me and seeing the best Revit content creation company on the planet, let me know.


Matt August 8, 2008 at 6:40 PM  

Thanks Gregory, and no, I am not nervous ... NOT!!!
Yes, should be huge. And now there will be one person at least in my session (No, its not NavelWorks - NAVISWORKS.)

Now, this is where this internet thing may get a little out of hand. But for all those who want to take up Gregory's gracious offer for a drink, then I will putting some money on the bar also. Feel free to join us (time, venue, dress code to be confirmed) and we will have a good Aussie red, or maybe a cocktail (BIMlet?).

See you there, M@ for Downunder.

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