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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It is Alive in the Lab: Autodesk Tangible View Cube

Wow, looks like a dynamic block. Autodesk Labs have done it again. Here's a really cool product which will help with your 3D models. I think they also invented something for AutoCAD users, but it's just a toothpick. I'm hoping 3D motion sensing 3D glasses are next.

By the way, has anyone heard back from Autodesk or 3dConnexion? Time for another email blast to both companies to get off their butts and make the mouse work. Click here for the original post and email link.


Technical Evangelist, Brian Pene, and Software Engineer, Eddy Kuo, have been at it again. They have been working with an invention from our own Revit Product Design group most notably Matt Jezyk and Lira Nikolovska. The video below demonstrates a new prototype by Autodesk for a "Tangible View Cube." The cube is a small wireless device with built-in accelerometers and magnetometers to allow absolute coordinates of the cube to be passed to an application. Brian and Eddy connected Matt and Lira's tangible cube to Autodesk Design Review to correlate and control 3D navigation, similar to how the View Cube works in the software. The green button enables and disables the navigation capability. Check out this silent movie. For the YouTube version, I used YouTube's AudioSwap capability to include some public domain music as the soundtrack:


Think of it as a version of View Cube that you can touch. Actually we're not quite sure where we're going with this. Feedback from users like you will determine its future. So how might you use one of these? Please let us know at thelabs@autodesk.com.

Exploring the possibilities of new ways to interact with design data is alive in the lab.


Scott Sheppard September 29, 2008 at 2:48 PM  

Thanks for helping spread the word.

Gregory Arkin September 29, 2008 at 2:54 PM  

It's my pleasure. I love what you guys are doing. Just a heads up that Jim Lynch is looking into the 3dconnexion driver issue. I don't know if your division is a part of that, but anything that makes a Revit model rotate like that is a plus. It seems that the Space Navigator and your cube are similar in nature.

Keep up the great work. We love the mad scientist division of Autodesk.

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