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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The other side of BIM comes to Florida

As BIM gets bigger and bigger in it's scope, sometimes we forget about the underside of our buildings and what leads up to them. Yes, I'm talking about the exciting world of roads and dirt. More specifically Civil 3D. One of the problems for many Autodesk resellers is that many DOTs use Bentley products. We and Autodesk have been working very hard to break that bond and it's finally been done. I know all you hear me talk about is Revit, but we also are the largest civil and government dealer in Florida. Now that Autodesk has started helping us all link files from Revit with Civil 3D, coordination and collaboration can only get better.

Sometimes when I'm talking to an architect and start to talk to them about Revit, they say "oh no. We only work in 2D, we don't work in 3D". My response for the past few months has been, "oh, what do you design, parking lots, because that's the only 2D construction I can think of." Yeah, nothing like being a wiseass to help sell Revit. Well, Civil 3D is the Revit of the infrastructure world. Why would you Revit users care? Water. Water. Water. Civil 3D is being used to help do the water collection calculations you'll be needing to reclaim the water to reuse it in your LEED buildings for grey water and irrigation. Another nail in the Autocad coffin from another direction, from the ground down, and a great place to start your Revit models from the ground up. We've been very active in working with engineers in Florida making the transistion to Civil 3D. As great as our Revit techs are, our Civil 3D techs are just as amazing.

So, enough about that, here's the press release from Autodesk about this major inroad into the DOT world and hopefully into your world. Here's the dirt on the story...

Florida Department of Transportation Adds Autodesk's AutoCAD Civil 3D for Road and Highway Design

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., Sept. 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) today announced that the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) will implement AutoCAD Civil 3D software, part of the Autodesk building information modeling (BIM) product portfolio, to develop roadway designs. FDOT's implementation of AutoCAD Civil 3D enables its engineers to access and integrate existing data from across the Department, including both design and geospatial information, into coordinated 3D transportation models.

FDOT requires highly sophisticated roadway design software capable of integrating design data from multiple sources. AutoCAD Civil 3D should meet FDOT's expectations in providing additional ways for their consultants and customers to develop and exchange design data.

With AutoCAD Civil 3D, FDOT's design workflow can be supported and further automated, providing additional interoperability with a variety of systems. Also, the software's information modeling for roadway corridors means designers can quickly implement design changes and revisions with automated redrafting, and identify geometric conflicts well before they begin construction. In addition, 3D models of the design can be provided to contractors for use with automated machine guidance for grading projects, enabling significant savings potential during construction. Automated machine guidance has become even more valuable as fuel prices and equipment operation costs continue to increase.

Florida's taxpayers entrust FDOT to maximize their dollar value invested for roadway design and construction. The challenge at FDOT is to create sustainable transportation facility designs more efficiently and at a managed cost.

AutoCAD Civil 3D provides FDOT with a straightforward migration path from legacy software systems, capitalizing on their previous investment in Autodesk CAiCE software products, and allowing designers to leverage information from a broader spectrum of providers.

"From design through construction and into operations, the AutoCAD Civil 3D software helps transportation agencies like FDOT easily create and share coordinated digital design information and documentation," said Bill Goodson, vice president, Autodesk Government. "Civil 3D will help support FDOT's efforts to shorten the time to contract letting, reduce errors and omissions, and expedite project delivery."

"This is truly exciting," said Jim Lynch, vice president, marketing for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Solutions at Autodesk. "The AutoCAD Civil 3D software, part of the Autodesk building information modeling (BIM) product portfolio, allows our customers to create, predict, and deliver roadway designs more efficiently and with increased accuracy. BIM and 3D technologies are introducing new levels of efficiency and automation into workflows."

Autodesk's transportation solutions offer state and local governments the ability to better design and construct infrastructure projects to meet community needs. Through an integrated workflow built on coordinated, reliable information, Autodesk solutions enable transportation departments to create and share digital design information and documentation; use that information to accurately visualize, simulate and analyze performance and cost; and reliably deliver their projects faster and more economically.


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