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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

AutoCAD 2009 Subscription Bonus Pack 2 — PDF Enhancements

I almost hate to post this, but it seems pretty cool, even if it is is for AutoCAD. Maybe they'll add this feature to Revit 2010.

For subscription customers. I guess that means if you have the AutoCAD Revit Suites, you should have access to this as well.

AutoCAD 2009 Subscription Bonus Pack 2 — PDF Enhancements

Release Date: 2008-11-13

AutoCAD 2009 Subscription Bonus Pack 2 delivers exciting new PDF enhancements.

PDF Underlays
Now you can import PDF files, attaching them as PDF underlays. Once you attach a PDF underlay, you can use a variety of tools to snap to lines and objects, control the display of layers, move, scale, rotate, and clip the PDF underlay.

PDF Output
Key improvements have been made for publishing PDF files. File sizes have been reduced, making it easier to share designs. TrueType font support has been added, giving you control over precisely how your fonts are displayed.

This bonus pack is only available in English for AutoCAD® 2009, although, if desired, it can be installed on localized versions of AutoCAD 2009. If installed on a localized version of AutoCAD 2009, all new and related commands display in English only.

Note: Before you install this bonus pack, you must uninstall all beta versions of AutoCAD 2009 Update 2 and all beta versions of this bonus pack on your system.

Before you install this bonus pack, download and review the readme.

Read This First

AutoCAD® 2009 Subscription Bonus Pack 2 (html - 101Kb)


English – 32-bit (exe - 136031Kb)
English – 64-bit (exe - 136897Kb)


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