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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Robot Millenium Announcement

So, I'm sitting here at 11:49 on a Sunday merging the new Autodesk Pricebook into our accounting system. Normally not a big deal, but there are 3,095 line items. I'm almost to the bottom of it and I get to a line item called "Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Commercial New SLM Migrating from Millenium - Subscription Required"

I say to my wife, sometimes Autodesk is so screwy. Out of the blue, they add a product to the pricebook, don't tell the resellers about it and it's just there, staring me in the face. She says, what is it, I've never heard you mention it before. Well, apparently tomorrow 12/1/08, we start selling Robot Millenium and there's promotional pricing from 12/15/08 to 4/15/09.

So, I decide to tell her the whole story. An architect designs their building in Revit Architecture and give the whole model to their Revit Structural Engineer. The engineer adds point loads, live loads and dead loads to the live model. In the old days, the engineer built stick figure model in their analysis programs, did all the load calculations, made their updates, then manually did all the drawings in AutoCAD. Now, they click a button in Revit Structure, it opens Robot Millenium, builds the model, applies the loads, runs the calculations, updates the model, then bidirectionally links back into Revit Structure and automatically updates the sizing of all the beams, columns and slabs.

She's says "Wow, that's great. You should blog about it." And now you know why I married her.

So, there you have it. A better way of coordinating with your engineers. If I hear one more architect tell me that he's not buying Revit because his engineers don't have it, I'm going to scream. Why? Because the engineers say they're not buying Revit because the architects aren't telling them to.

How does an AutoCAD architect pick an engineer for a project? Well, whoever's cheapest that week. Not the most optimal way to design a building and coordinate everything. Mr. Architect, please start asking your structural engineers to get Revit structure. Most of them already have a structural analysis program that will tie into Revit Structure. Ask them if they have Robot, RISA, ETABS, Adapt or Staad. You'd be surprised to find they all do. Now they can get the structural drawings back to you faster. Give a Revit Structural Engineer more money for the design and you'll see that you have less construction adminstration, coordination, fewer RFIs and Change Orders. If you're in Florida, call Mark Mosbat at CHM Structural Engineers 305.667.1621. They're fully operational on Revit Structure. Tell him Gregory sent you.

Ok. I really have to get back to finish this darn pricebook and go pack for AU.


Anonymous,  March 21, 2009 at 12:06 PM  

Hello. I am a six years Robot Millennium user.
Is there any special deal for RM users to become Autodesk Robot Structural user?.
Can you inform me about it?.

Thanks in advance.

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