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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Web Update 3 for Revit Products - Highlights

Revit Architecture 2009
Improvements made in Web Update 3 build (20081118_1045):
Revit Architecture 2009/ Revit ® Platform Enhancements
Slab Edges when joined to their hosting Floor will now be able to cut the floor when the user manually remakes the join.
Improves visibility of Color Fills for certain interior wall conditions.
Improves IFC Export for Walls and MEP elements.
Improves stability when using the Split tool.
Improves stability when using Temporary Hide/Isolate functionality in 3D view.
Improves stability when binding a linked Revit file into a project.
Improves stability when switching between views.
Improves stability when selecting any of the column headers on the CAD Formats tab of the Manage Links dialog.

Revit ® MEP 2009 Enhancements

Corrects issue where gaps in link file cannot be controlled by mechanical settings.
Corrects issue when routing duct from rotated equipment where it caused risers to end up at odd orthogonal angles.
Pipe runs are now always visible in section view.
No gap existed when printed when a round duct or pipe with fittings crosses duct. The hidden gaps will now be present from within Revit and when the user prints.
Side outlet pipe fittings with different connectors are now able replace each other.
Corrects issue where routing duct from equipment as a riser connects from the wrong side.
Improves stability when clicking on “Settings” button in “Layout” mode.
Improves stability when selecting the drag end control after splitting 3D duct in the middle.
Deleting an air terminal in a space now updates the actual flow and load values.
Non-alphanumeric characters in a Revit MEP HVAC Zone are now properly translated to gbXML.
The graphical representation of the flexible duct as seen in two different floor plan scaled views is now correct. The tick mark representation on flex duct has been changed to correctly reflect the view scale. This may cause existing projects to display flex duct differently, both on screen and when printing.
Duct elbows no longer disappear and then reappear when hidden, both on screen and when printed. Instead, they will be displayed as hidden lines.

Revit ® Structure 2009 Enhancements
View break no longer causes brace elements to be offset unexpectedly when exporting to DWG.
Improves stability during export to DWFx when font doesn't exist on computer.


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