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Thursday, December 4, 2008

#AU2008 Reflections of an AU Blogger and Bimmer

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone here at AU, Autodesk for their software, AUGI for working so hard on putting this event together,everyone I've met here for listening to me babble about BIM, Jose for your continued partnership and vision, all of my software partners who I finally got to meet in person, Andekan (Formerly Broutek), Reed, Trelligence, e-SPECS, IES, Adapx, all my new partners who I will talk about as soon as our contracts are signed and whoever cooked meals for 9,000 people.

Matt, Gary, Jason, Arie, Paul,Kathy, Candace, Kevin, David, Steve, Elias, Richard, George, all the tweeters and everyone else I can't remember at 6:30 AM, it was great meeting you, speaking with you, drinking with you, sharing our BIM vision, partnering, learning from each other, and spending this great focused quality time together.

Finally, thank you every new person who came to my site during AU, and yes that really is the license plate on my car. Everyone looks at my revit3d.com business card funny. Thanks for stopping by my site. I am having an amazing time here and I am do happy to know there are so many Revit users out there who are so passionate about this technology. Now it's time to get ready for another really long day.

Part 2: A New Beginning - Reflections on the future of the AEC industry:

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