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Friday, December 12, 2008

Autodesk - Building Information Modeling - Integrated Project Delivery

I have seen the future and it is wonderful. Wednesday night I had the opportunity to sit in on a lecture presented by Phil Bernstein of Autodesk. Phil worked with my father on Cesar Pelli's Performing Arts Center in Miami, so he had fun calling on me several times during his Integrated Project Delivery lecture in Miami, sponsored by my company CADD Centers of Florida and Autodesk. If you've never heard Phil speak, it is a wondrous experience. It's not about the software, but about the process and workflow of the AEC industry. I will be spending much more time in the future blogging about IPD, as it is the future and salvation of the AEC industry. You may not believe that now, and after watching the looks on the faces of the attendees, it does seem so far fetched. Autodesk is wrapping up the construction of their own renovation of a building in Waltham, MA. I asked a few questions during the lecture just so everyone could really see the depths of this new concept.

I asked Phil how many RFIs were on the project. His answer, Zero! The architect sitting next to me said "Impossible. There's no way. You can't have a project with no RFIs. I don't believe it." And then his head exploded as he spontaneously combusted. Then I asked about the MEP engineer. I asked Phil how many Revit MEP projects they had done before. Even I was shocked to hear that it was their first Revit MEP project. Phil also talked about the fact that only one set of blueprints was ever printed out. That was for the building department. Everyone worked off the model in the field on computers. I will get into more of this in future posts, but for the moment, YOU MUST READ EVERYTHING BELOW! This is where the industry is going. First there was Revit, then there was BIM and now there is IPD. It is BIM squared. If you can outlast the construction depression in t

Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is encouraging and enabling the vital practice of early collaboration through building information modeling, (BIM). IPD helps exceed increasing client demands by easing and integrating the collaborative efforts of owners, architects, engineers, construction managers, fabricators, and end operators at the earliest possible stage of any project.

Discover IPD
Wondering how Integrated Project Delivery works? Download this pdf to view an informative example of its five integral phases.

IPD Workflow.pdf (pdf - 1552Kb)

Integrated Project Delivery Event – New York City, Jun 2008

On June 4th, 2008, Autodesk hosted an executive event in New York City that brought together owner representatives, design practitioners, engineers, and construction professionals for an examination into Integrated Project Delivery workflows and building information modeling. These recordings capture presentations from Phil Bernstein, Vice President for Industry Strategy and Relations, Autodesk, Inc. and Harold Goldberg, Esq., Principal, Goldberg, Pike & Besche, P.C. and outside legal counsel to the AIA.

Integrated Project Delivery: Guide and Definition

IPD is set to fundamentally change the way projects are delivered by optimizing stakeholder collaboration at all levels and at every stage. This guide and definition from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) shows how.

Read A Guide to Integrated Project Delivery at aia.org

Working Definition of IPD.pdf (pdf - 245Kb)
© copyright, American Institute of Architects California Council, 2007

BIM & IPD - The White Paper

Within the building industry there is a growing interest in integrated project delivery (IPD) and the role building information modeling (BIM) can play in promoting integration among building professionals and improving design outcomes. This whitepaper examines IPD and considers its impact on the building industry—and how BIM is central to process changes that IPD will bring.

BIM & IPD White Paper.pdf (pdf - 573Kb)


Your industry information guide December 18, 2008 at 11:10 PM  

Such leaders have truly great visions about work and future in general and I am sure listening to Phil would have been quite an experience...

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