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Sunday, December 7, 2008

A new beginning

After 4 days of interacting with Autodesk, experts, presenters, users, vendors and more Australians than I've ever met at one time in my life, I have come two conclusions.

The first is that I've been right all along about Revit, BIM and all of my thoughts and actions have been validated by talking to others on the same path.

The second conclusion is that I now feel like I know nothing about BIM. That's the result if sitting in some pretty intense classes at Autodesk University 2008. Now I understand the emphasis on the word 'University'.

Let me give you a little explanation about BIM. You are driving in the desert at night. It is pitch black out. Your headlights are off, but you are holding a small flashlight out the window. You have no idea what is in front of you. Cliffs, rocks, debris, hills, bumps, trees, logs, stumps and more could all be right in front of you. You must drive slowly and cautiously using your flashlight to pick your way through the dark unknown.

But, there are also 350,000 other people in that same dark desert. Some coming towards you, others moving away, some parallel to you and others right in front of you. Each of your flashlights uncovering pieces of that big black BIM unknown. Together, you all move forward towards daylight and that future is very bright indeed.

This is what I have now discovered on my own four year journey with Revit and BIM. I know what I know. You know what you know. Some of us are further down the road and others haven't even gotten into their cars yet. The most important thing I learned at AU wasn't from the classes. They're recorded and can be watched anytime. It was my meetings, interactions and random conversations. AU, AUGI, the blogger's social, forums, blogs,you, me and all the others sources of information are all working together to figure out how to learn, use and make advancements in the AEC industry with this glorious new technology. Sure, Revit isn't perfect. There isn't enough content (Andekan/Broutek is solving that one), ACA still hasn't died a quiet death, AutoCAD users still fight the future with their archaic line drawings and layer system.

After sitting in a room with a thousand other Revit fanatics, I know that Revit/BIM is going to be the winner in the very near future.

Its not just the software, but its more about the process and how we share the information, who we share it with, when the consultants are brought in and how we design, analyze and construct buildings. Everyone uses Revit a different way. BIM is about the process of sharing data. That's part of the great unknown as we uncover the best ways of using Revit, third party software (for which I am grateful that I sell all of them), the hardware and all of the people involved along the way that MUST change and adopt NEW ways of working and interacting.

My vision is that the only way that the AEC industry can evolve into a tecnologically efficient system is through the Design/Build process. Whether it is contractors with inhouse architects and engineers, contractors partnering with external A/E consultants or architects who only work with Revit Structure and Revit MEP engineers and BIM Builders, the current workflow of an architecture firm using AutoCAD is now officially impeding the design and construction process.

What I have seen and learned at AU2008 confirms this only because so many others are saying and doing the same thing. There are billions to be made in this new BIM world and I challenge you to find an architecture firm using AutoCAD making more money than a firm using Revit.

Thus starts my new beginning with my blog. I have so much to learn about the process of BIM. I will endeavour to share it with you. I only have two favors to ask of you in return. The first is to give me feedback to what I say and share with you here. The other is that I need your business in order to continue to grow my own business and help you make money. The more you invest in my company, the more I can share with all of my readers to get you to the new dawn of BIM faster and safer.

With all that being said, I look forward to working with each and every one of you. Thank you.


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