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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Download Your FREE license for Wright's Revit Keynote Database from Wright Engineers

I stumbled across this website completely by accident (I refuse to give Matt any credit for forwarding it to me and I'll take all the credit for it). They have a Keynote Database program for Revit for free for you to download.

...here's their website page....http://www.wrightengineers.com/BIM/

What is BIM?

BIM (the acronym for Building Information Modeling) is a method of creating a computer model that can aid in the design and construction of a building. The BIM model contains building components that can have architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and other properties that interact with other building elements. BIM software such as Revit by Autodesk contain coordination and error checking tools that can be used to detect and correct construction issues before ever breaking ground. BIM has been around for a long time, and recent computer and software advancements have led to its increased adoption as a design tool.

Wright and BIM

Wright Engineers' core team of Structural and MEP engineers is a perfect match for projects using BIM software designed for multi-discipline coordination. With all disciplines in-house, engineering coordination at Wright can happen in real time during all phases of the design. We collaborate with architects to create a coordinated building information model enabling a more unified project design flow from start to finish.

Time-saving BIM tools Developed by Wright

Wright Engineers often develops tools and software to increase productivity, accuracy, and standardization and the world of BIM is no exception. After seeing client frustrations with a problem we have already solved, we have developed an architectural version of one of our proprietary design tools to share with the industry.

Editing and coordinating keynotes in AutoCAD has always been a chore, but Revit comes with the ability to number and coordinate keynotes automatically. This means keynotes can automatically renumber themselves if components are moved from one sheet to another or removed from the drawings entirely. Revit can make adding keynotes to objects as easy as selecting the correct keynote from an organized database list; that is, if you can figure out which text files to edit, how to format the text lines, how to link individual keynotes to categories in the text files, etc. Unfortunately, the complexity of setting up, maintaining, and adding to the Revit keynote text files has kept many designers from using these features. Wright's Revit Keynote Database program removes the complexity and enables you to focus on designing your project without having to become a text file coordinator and formatter.

Download Your FREE license for Wright's Revit Keynote Database


Matt January 26, 2009 at 7:41 AM  

I guess thats the best "thankyou" I can expect from you ...
You're welcome.
Such comradeship, BIM buddy!

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