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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The BIM Cycle Chart - Revit & BIM Software Partners

Hi everyone. I've updated my BIM Cycle chart of products.

Basically, I've got just about every software partner for Revit.

The chart is available for viewing at www.revit3d.com/bimcycle. It may not be perfect and slow to
load. I'm working on that. It's a miracle I figured out how to use Illustrator and slice the picture into
URL links.

If you know of other major products that tie into Revit, let me know, I'll partner with them,
have my techs learn the programs and we can teach you how to integrate Revit with them.

We essentially have solutions from conceptual design through Facility Management.

I'm in awe of how Revit, BIM and IPD are growing every day. I don't know how anyone can
keep up with it all, know every product, and incorporate them all into daily workflow.

My staff is working on just that task, because there's so much more to BIM than just Revit.
Just wait to you see what IPD has in store for you. It's a whole world apart from how we do things now.

I'm trying to figure out what's driving me into expanding so far into all of these products, and the only thing
I can really come up with is that it's such a challenge to embrace and corral all of this technology and bring it all together. They are all 3D to 6D solutions and I'm so happy I'm not stuck in a 2D world of software.

I'm sure there are more products coming down the road, and I'll be there to grab them too.
If you're reading this, are in Florida and not working with CADD Centers, you're going to need us someday
soon because we are the only reseller in Florida to offer all of the Partner Products. If you're outside of Florida, we can train anywhere in the US, and since your reseller probably isn't even teaching Revit MEP yet, send me an email for training options.

Thank you all for investing your time in BIM and really being on the cutting edge.


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