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Monday, February 9, 2009

I think I broke the Space/Time Contiuum

So, I recently copied some forum posts from the archicad forum here. They're freaking out about the new Revit features and now they're referencing my blog post in their forum post.

Now, I have to reference their new forum posts in my new blog post. I wonder how this will all end. Oh how I love the interweb tubes.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, 2009 2:28 am Post subject: Re: revit 2010 and autocad 2010
.......how in the world do you figure that?

Revit 2009 got a brand spanking new Mental Ray renderer along with free-form modeling tools like the Sweptblend tool, and we're still stuck with Lightworks v0.25 and Nudge. The Curtain Wall in AC is great, but let's be frank, it's nowhere near what the new CurtainWall (or even the existing one) in Revit2010 or the subdivision Freeform modelling tools in AutoCAD, AUTOCAD 2010, can and will be able to do.

How is that keeping pace, or even competing?

....the great hilarity of it all is that in that same blog (the Revit3D blog) that was referenced to in this thread, if you scroll a bit further down, there's a poster who makes a kind of mocking warning to anyone considering switching to ArchiCAD by referencing this very Talk Forum and quoting some poor AC user lamenting the fact that ArchiCAD user wishes always seem to end up appearing in the next version of Revit rather than in any version of ArchiCAD.

How true. How so very true. And sad too.

He also makes some pointed, and clearly accurate observations of GSHQ's attitude (or apparent lack of thereof) in this perpetual slide they seem to have engineered themselves into.


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