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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

IES/LEED Webcast Friday 2/27 2pm-330pm EST - IES Architectural Suite * Architectural Suite Plus provide Revit integrated sustainable analysis tools

Friday 2/27/09 2pm - 330pm EST Live Webcast from Integrated Environmental Solutions: IESVE.com

The IES Architectural Suite and Architectural Suite Plus provide the integrated sustainable analysis tools architects need to design for tomorrow, today. Click here to register for this webcast.

The IES Architectural Suites, which include the VE-Toolkits, provide architects the ability to customize analysis to fit their needs across the likes of; energy consumption, carbon emissions, LEED Daylighting, Architecture 2030 Challenge benchmarking, thermal comfort, solar shading and penetration, daylighting (glare and light levels), artificial lighting, internal loads, envelope sensitivity and more.

•Consider building performance results alongside aesthetics to inform decisions • Get high quality data from the earliest stages of design • Include early stage analysis in client bids • Make best use of innovative passive design strategies • Make best use of zero/low carbon technologies • Achieve dramatic energy reductions while ensuring good daylight levels and thermal comfort • Assess and compare potential performance trade-offs of different sustainable strategies.

The IES tools can be linked directly from Revit and SketchUp, so building performance analysis becomes an integrated part of the design process, leading to buildings which are more sustainable and offering high-value opportunities for market differentiation. When utilizing the Building Information Model, the effects of each decision can be quantified quickly and easily and provide guidance to move forward with the most appropriate sustainable solutions.


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