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Monday, February 16, 2009

Just want to set the record straight about the plate

I had to put my new registration sticker on my license plate yesterday. Usually, once a year, I manage to be in Coral Gables Florida and come out of a meeting and there's a ticket on my car. I always get pissed because I put money in the meter, and when I look at the ticket, it's always for an expired tag. Of course, I have the sticker, it's just actually taking the time to put in on the license plate that never seems to happen.

So, this year, having made it two whole weeks without being ticketed, I decided to put on the new sticker before venturing to Coral Gables and their eagle eye meter maids.

As long as I had to remove the plastic cover on the plate, I figured we'd make it a family affair and have a little fun.

People always look at my business card and say "cool" to which I respond, "that's really my license plate too.". I don't think anyone really believes that, so my wife was kind enough to take a picture of JR and me and the official Revit 3D license plate.

Yes, part two is, that at the top of my blog in the banner, that really is my son. He just turned a year old. He sure did enjoy throwing the license plate on the ground and hearing the noise it made.

The only question left is when will we have 100% adoption of Revit & BIM? I hope before JR graduates from college.


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