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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Revit Kid! - A new blog about the future of architecture

A new blog was born yesterday in Revitland and it's name is "The Revit Kid." I'd like everyone to take a look at in and subscribe. Why? Well, one reason is Jeff contacted me about a year ago with a major software issue and I helped him out with it. He had a major technological problem and a deadline and I helped him solve his problem. Jeff's a student who's embraced Revit.His blog is indicative of thousands more of peers and classmates that are ditching AutoCAD in school and using Revit.

Why should you care? One, these kids won't go and work and 2D CAD firms. Second, they're going to be the rising stars with contractors because the software they use embraces the most modern technology that teaches them to design to build. The Revit adoption rate of architectural students is huge. Autodesk gives them Revit for free, but they have to pay for AutoCAD. If that's not a good enough reason, the features of Revit certainly are.

Jeff, I wish you much luck and success with your blog and I will do anything I can to help you, as you are my vision of the future and next great generation. Jeff, thanks for linking my blog to yours. Great move to get you started with traffic. You better write a post a day. Millions are depending on you. ~G

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hello and welcome to The Revit Kid.com! My name is Jeff and I will be the main blogger for this here blog. I am a student who experienced the amazing capabilities and advantages of Revit Architecture while forcing my self to learn it during my last design course. While sitting in class the other day I had a conversation with a few students currently enrolled in the architecture program at my school. These students were taking a Revit class. Their eyes glazed over as I showed them the work I have done in Revit and the questions began to flow out of them. This is when I realized that it might be very helpful to any students wanting to learn Revit to learn it from a fellow student. The Revit Kid!

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