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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Simply Elegant Home Designs Blog: The Value of an Architect

You had me at '3D'. Here's a great example of an architect using 3D and visualization as a design tool. Now if he would only import the sketchup model into Revit to finish the CDs.

While at my regular job - Larson Brenner Architects - I received a phone call a few days ago. It was from someone who had been designing there own cabin. Subsequently the design was given to a builder who's draftsman tried to complete the design and drawings. Well it turns out that he did not like the design. He was still enamored with the floor plans, but not the exterior appearance. The image below is of the original design.I was asked to see if I could take a shot at improving the appearance of the home without significantly altering the floor plans. He also wanted to maintain the basic chalet style roof line that he had started with. I agreed to work on an hourly rate basis to provide the services. I modeled the plan quickly in Sketchup and did several minor alternatives. In the end we landed on the final solution as shown below.

There are many aspects of design that need to be considered including:
  • form scale proportion rhythm pattern
  • texture shade and shadow color spatial qualities
  • quality of light function circulation patterns
  • furniture placement construction related issues cost / budget

Read the rest: Simply Elegant Home Designs Blog: The Value of an Architect


ron@simplyeleganthomedesigns.com February 19, 2009 at 9:46 AM  

This is Ron - the guy that wrote the original blog article. We now actually do use Revit to all of our construction documents, but have never exported a sketchup file to Revit. Do you know of any good tutorials on how to do that?

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