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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Building the Future - One child at a time

Well, this has nothing to do with Revit, but everything to do with my one year old, JR. He follows a long line of builders. His full name is Joseph Reuben Arkin, hence the "J.R.". I call him Junior, but that's another story.
He's named after my grandfather Joseph Arkin, a builder who moved to Florida in 1934 to build a project on Miami Beach. That's a little history...now a little future.

My wife brought home a toy for JR yesterday and I wanted to share it with you. It's made from recycled materials (SprigwoodTM – a child-safe, bio-composite material made from recycled wood and reclaimed plastic) and has no batteries. As it rolls on the floor, there's a generator inside charges it. There's nothing like a toy that has lights and sounds and no batteries. We want our child to appreciate a Green world and this is the perfect start. I just want you all to know that we practice what we preach as we LEED the world.
Sprig Toys

Kids are building, growing and powering their imaginations with Sprig’s eco-friendly toys. Smell the wood-shop scent. Take ‘em for a spin. And say bye-bye boring couch – hello active fun!

Our Sprig Adventure Series harnesses the natural kinetic energy of push- and pump-action play to generate lights and sounds – all without batteries. However, our tales of discovery don’t stop here. Playing in sand and dirt is good clean fun with our affordable Eco-Trucks line that includes an Excavator, Loader and Dump Truck. Curiosity and giggles also grow at Sprig Hollow. These friendly play sets, vehicles and sweet, buggy characters explore anywhere from gardens to the bedroom.

Designed for the active preschool child, our vehicles, character bodies and play sets are molded using SprigwoodTM – a child-safe, bio-composite material made from recycled wood and reclaimed plastic.



David M./ Sprig Toys March 2, 2009 at 12:36 PM  

Thanks for your support and the great writeup about our toys.

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