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Friday, February 20, 2009

This is so cool - DuCool Chillers Energy saving cooling News 280109

My brother the contractor, (wow, I've never said that before) called me asking about working on a new product he's working with. Wanted to share it with you because this looks really amazing. Below is an article & here's the DuCool website.

DuCool Chillers Energy saving cooling News 280109: "Chiller-Free Dehumidification/Cooling Saves 90% in Energy Costs 6,500 square foot (600 square meters) building cooled with only 6 kW of electricity

Sol Energy Hellas used DuCool’s chiller-free, desiccant-based dehumidification and cooling technology in the six-story Prometheus Pyrphoros building in Paleo Faliro, Athens, Greece to save 90% on energy costs. The 6,500 square foot (600 square meters) building is now cooled with only 6 kW of electricity to save $22,000 (€16,854) in energy costs per year. The energy savings amount to $3.38 per square foot (€28.09 per square meter). DuCool’s technology uses geothermal water and hot water from a solar thermal system to provide cooling and dehumidification.

“DuCool’s unit helped us reach comfort zone conditions while reducing energy consumption by 90%,” said Nikos Manioudakis, Senior Research Engineer for Sol Energy Hellas, which designed and operates and maintains the Prometheus Pyrphoros building. “These savings provide less than a three-year return on investment without even taking any possible tax savings into account.”

Sol Energy specializes in providing energy-saving solutions in the hotel and industrial sectors. The six-story Prometheus Pyrphoros building has a total of 6,500 square feet (600 square meters). Sol Energy considered a conventional solution of using a 40 ton refrigeration (TR) capacity cooling tower and chiller and 3400 cubic feet per minute (5,800 cubic meters per hour) air handling unit. This approach would have cost approximately $47,000 (€36,000) and consumed 59 kilowatts of electricity during 2650 annual hours of operation for an annual energy cost of $24,700 (€18,762)."


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