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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ultra Tip - Revit Suite Activation Trick | What's the Word on BIM? - CADsoft Consulting - Arizona

Absolutely brilliant tip from http://www.cadsoft-consult.com.
Kudos to Patrick Villella for figuring this out.

Bloglink: Ultra Tip - Revit Suite Activation Trick | What's the Word on BIM?:

Alright, I’m excited about sharing this tip with you. Figuring out this trick just saved me and one of our clients a few hours of work.

Product: Revit Architecture Suite 2009
Issue: Activation - ‘activation code is invalid’
Cause: AutoCAD 2009 was activated before Revit Architecture 2009

The back story is pretty long-winded, so if you just want, you can just jump to the tip"

Here’s the Ultra Tip!

Use the PLU (Portable License Utility).

Autodesk-Portable-License-UtilitySimply export the license to a folder on your computer. For this client, AutoCAD 2009 had the license info, so we used the PLU in the AutoCAD menu group to export it.

Then, import the license from the file, using the PLU in the Revit menu group.

Just like that, Revit was now activated — no reinstall necessary!

BTW, AutoCAD didn’t need to be activated. In the Revit Suite configuration, AutoCAD is treated almost like an add-on and simply piggybacks onto the Revit license. Nice!


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