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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Advanced Rendering in Revit Architecture 2009 - (Mental Ray) (RVA3509) $250 3/26/09

Tomorrow, 3/26/09 Thursday 9am - 5pm EST.
CADD Centers - Revit Architecture 2009 - Advanced - Rendering Tools (Mental Ray) (RVA3509): "Revit Architecture 2009 - Advanced - Rendering Tools (Mental Ray) (RVA3509)

Samples from teacher www.revit3d.com/renderings

Course length: 1 day. Cost: $495 (Live Webcast $250).
Sign up at this link

Course Description

This is a one day class on rendering in Revit using the Mental Ray engine. Topics covered include materials, lighting, and rendering. At the end of this class the student will be able to successfully render Revit models.

Course Prerequisites:

The student enrolling in this class should have a working knowledge of the Revit Architecture platform.
Upcoming Classes



* Using the ProMaterials Library
* Bringing in a Custom Material from a Scanned Image
* Mirrors: A Reflection Upon Us All
* Bump Maps vs. Modeled Textures: The Pro’s vs. Con’s of each.
* Sell Illuminated Materials: Light Bulbs


* Area Lights
* Spot Lights
* Directional Lights
* Color Temperature: The Happy Medium of Too Dark vs. Too Bright


* Mental Ray Rendering in Revit
* Interior and Exterior Renderings: Which One Should I Use?
* Exposure Settings
* 90% Trial and Error/10% Luck"


Shupe March 26, 2009 at 11:03 AM  

Carl (Rkitect) sent me here to ask about Family modeling- said that you could use some help trying to find companies to sell to- I've actually been laid off not to long ago from the Architecture firm- and was thinking of trying to do some freelance work on my own till the economy picks up. Same kind of thinking :)
Give me a buzz if you would like the help-

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