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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Blogmas/Twitsmas Miracle - Autodesk 2006 Retirement extended

Just got this from Autodesk. I know many of you aren't upgrading because of the recession, but maybe this is just the thing to change your mind. After 2006 licenses retire, they go into Legacy. That means you can buy a new seat at a 30% discount from your retired 2006 license. It's about double the price and requires a 1 year purchase of subscription. Not a bad thing since 2010 versions start shipping later this month and the .dwg format changes again for 2010.

This is like your professor calling in sick the day of the final exam you didn't study for. What a break for the laggards.

***************From Autodesk:

Because of a computer glitch for portions of last Friday, and the fact many of our sales reps were at OTU on Friday when orders were being sent in, an extension has been granted allowing 2006 related orders to be processed through Noon, Pacific time on Wednesday, March 18th.

Please note after this deadline, there will be no exceptions granted under any circumstances. All 2006 related software crossgrades and upgrades from the products listed below will no longer be available. After the product retirement date, the Autodesk Legacy Program will help assist customers who own valid licenses of select retired Autodesk software with the opportunity to purchase specially discounted new licenses of the latest Autodesk software release.

No exceptions will be granted after Noon Pacific time on Wednesday, March 18th.


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