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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Exactal CostXL - Free Trial for CostX users - Another Revit component for Contractors

For those of you now involved in BIM for Construction, here's a product that allows you to drop in the Revit model and create a quantity and price quote. A nice feature of CostX is its ability to give you the changes between model iterations. It works very nicely with dwg files as well, and is a much better system than programs like On-Screen Takeoff.

Note to architects: Contractors are now in the BIM game. It's more important now than every to make sure that the architectural model is complete so the contractors can create an accurate quantity of components. Yes, it makes the model heavier, but it's all part of Big BIM. You can take the attitude that you don't care if the model uses drafting lines in lieu of model components or you put an object in 'as typical', but the owners will certainly notice that in the bids and feedback from the GCs. Yup, it's a whole new BIM Game.
As I always say, shouldn't it be called an 'Accurate' not an 'Estimate'?
Exactal Newsflash

Exactal offers free trial of CostXL

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Following the successful launch of CostXL, Exactal is now pleased to offer a free trial to all of its clients with maintenance running CostX® Network or CostX® Takeoff Network editions.
CostXL allows users to have full access to all of their CostX® data from directly inside Microsoft Excel®. Connected directly to the CostX® database, but licensed separately, CostXL is tightly integrated with Microsoft® Excel® and allows users to drag and drop measurements, workbook values, rates, constants or values from CostX® directly into Excel worksheets. Data can even be live linked and then updated when changes occur in CostX®.
CostXL™s live links also allow users to see the actual measurements that the quantity represents. Users can simply right click on an Excel® cell containing a CostXL formula and an option will appear on the Excel® context menu to show dimensions. When selected, a new window is opened and the user is taken directly to the drawings that contain the measurements which are then highlighted. Using this feature CostXL users can investigate which dimensions represent the quantities being used in the Excel® sheet.
Users running CostX® Network or CostX® Takeoff network editions are welcome to request a trial licence from http://www.exactal.com/free_trial.php. After supplying your CostX® or CostX® Takeoff serial number you will be e-mailed your CostXL licence and details on where you can download the software. Only one trial will be issued per network licence.
Any users who do not currently have maintenance should contact their reseller to update their maintenance so they can take advantage of this offer. Users wishing to take up this offer need to do so prior to the end of March 2009.
About Exactal
Established in Brisbane, Australia in 2003 to develop software specifically for the quantity surveying and estimating market, Exactal has continued to expand its worldwide presence. The company now has offices in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand as well as sales and channel partner support across much of the globe. Its main product line, CostX®, provides a unique integration between the cost estimates and the elements on the CAD drawings that the estimate represents. This unique approach allows fast revisions of drawings to be easily handled and eliminates traditional scope creep in construction projects.
To read more news on Exactal please visit http://www.exactal.com/news.php
CostX® is a registered trademark of Exactal Technologies Pty Ltd.
Microsoft® and Excel® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
This newsflash was brought to you by
Exactal - Precision Software.

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