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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Revit3D.com Milestone - 1000 Blog Posts

Wow, I can't believe it. Yesterday I published my 1,000th blog post. It certainly hasn't been on purpose that I've had over 1,000 posts in 2 years, but it's overwhelming the amount of information coming out daily on all of the topics I cover in my blog. People ask me how I manage to create so many posts and to be honest, I have no idea myself. I don't know how or where I find the time to do the research and write so much, but I'm on a mission and I'm having a great time with it.

Take today for example. It was surreal in describing it to my wife at dinner tonight.
I went to go get a haircut and the appointment after mine was the owner of several car dealerships who happens to employ my father as their owner's rep. I told him that my dad keeps talking about requiring BIM and that his decision maker has brushed off the idea. We talked about BIM and IPD for a few minutes and he said that he would make sure his man would take the time to meet with me and I think I had him sold on LEED and energy savings.

On my way to my next meeting, I got a call from Jose at Andekan discussing progress on a manufacturer and a technical discussion about importing and exporting from parametric manufacturing software that I'm hoping Autodesk will resolve in the next Revit release.

Next was my meeting with an architect who's started a new business of a Green Product Database that can assist firms finding LEED rated products. We discussed a partneship to work with manufacturers for LEED ratings and conversion of their objects to Revit. Take a look at his website and I'm sure he can help you with your LEED projects: http://greenproductlocator.com/

Lunch was with a commercial realtor working for a developer who's buying up foreclosed properties and banks to develop as retail properties. She's taking the LEED exam next week as her new employer wants to mandate LEED on all his acquistions. We spent the entire lunch discussing the problems she's had with tenant buildouts, costs, coordination issues, delays and how Revit, IES and the peripheral tools could really help her manage the construction and facility management of their new properties.

Then my wife kept calling and demanding I go to the airport to talk to Joe Biden as he visited a stimulus related project and tell him to require Revit and BIM.

I had a brief conversation with a general contractor we're doing a CAD to BIM Conversion on a project for them.

Next up was a meeting with a medical casework company looking to have me and Andekan convert a library of 2000 pieces of furniture into Revit. LEED, parametric properties and variables of the furniture, specifications, their furniture and its long term durability versus millwork and it's effect on deforestation were all interesting parts of the conversation.

All this was followed by a call from the Chief Marketing Officer of a national Revit firm. CMO? I'd never heard that title before, but I guess a Revit firm has to go the extra mile to market themselves around Revit, BIM, LEED and IPD and really differentiate themselves from 2D firms. He listened to what my company could offer with all of our BIM products, marketing ideas for his company, providing distance learning AIA lectures and our training capabliites for their Florida offices and potentially their other offices. I'm expecting a call from their BIM Manager any minute.

Last was a call from the principal of an architecture firm who just bought Revit. We talked about his cramming for his LEED AP exam, buying the IES Architectural Suite for Daylighting and Thermal calculations and his coming to take our Revit Essentials class so he could get his 20 AIA CEU credits and learn Revit at the same time.

So, that wraps up today and some of what I do to keep busy during the recession. I'm wondering where my path will take me and what my 2,000th blog post will be about. That should be about 2 years from now at this pace. Will it be how every architect and engineer finally moved to Revit, RFIs no longer exist and every project is LEED platinum or will we be talking about how the recession should be ending any day now and the banks are no longer insolvent.

Thank you for reading post 1,005. I'm going to Las Vegas for the annual Autodesk Sales meeting on Sunday then my wife is making me take an 8 day vacation. She says she'll let me blog during the trip, but I may take a few days off, so I hope you won't miss me flooding your mailbox daily with my Revit rants. I'll be in San Diego the week of the 16th if any of my readers live there and want to have lunch one day or have me talk to your firm. May as well try to write off the trip as a business expense.
~Gregory PhDDD


sylwek@cadsoft.pl March 6, 2009 at 2:39 AM  

great job!
best regards,

Anonymous,  March 6, 2009 at 9:30 AM  

Congrats on 1000 Gregory! Keep up the good work for all of us out here.

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