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Friday, April 3, 2009

For AUGI members coming here to see the 2010 ship date

Welcome AUGI members visiting to see the Revit 2010 ship dates.
As long as you're here just wanted to tell you about today's specials.

  • www.Revit2010.com All the latest updates from this blog filtered for Revit 2010 information
  • www.BIMChart.com See all of the available BIM software components now available to you.
  • www.Revit3d.com/Andekanlink Andekan.com is the leading provider of custom content for A&E firms. They can create any component for you and they're fully parametric. It's definitely not your RevitCity.com static content.
  • www.Revit3d.com/leed See everything we've got on Green Building tools for you, especially IESve.com
  • www.Revit3d.com/renderings We have a live web-based custom class for Revit Advanced Rendering. Click the link to see our work
  • www.Revit3d.com/training See a full list of our Revit classes available live and via webcast. Check out the classes teaching you about creating Revit content.
  • www.BIMcomplete.com See the the McGraw-Hill BIM Report that everyone's talking about.
  • www.Revit3d.com/ipd You need to start studying up on Integrated Project Delivery (6D) if you haven't already
I will be creating PDFs of some of the 2010 Revit training materials. This will only be sent to my blog subscribers and will be password protected. Just a little incentive for you to subscribe.

Of course, I can't let you leave without asking you to subscribe to my blog. Revit3d.com/subscribe and check out our corporate sponsor.

Ok, you can now scroll down to the next post and see the Official Revit Architecture Release date.
Structure and MEP should be the same date, and I'll post those dates tonight to confirm.


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