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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Need your help for some college students doing a survey on Facility Management Technology - 5 minute survey

I'm working with a facility manager at a local college. She also teaches a Revit class. 3 of her students are writing a research paper for class about BIM for Facility Management.

Their paper is due in 4 days and they didn't realize that not many people are using BIM for Facility Management.
They're desperate for people to take their 5 minute survey. For that matter, not many people are using any technology for FM.

Can you please help or forward this post on to anyone you know that is in Facility Managment.
It doesn't matter if they're using BIM or not. It just asks them a few questions about if they are or aren't using BIM and related software. They want to get an idea of current and future technology for FM and if BIM is in the picture.

Here is the link for the survey. Please help me help these kids.
If you want to forward the survey to someone you know, click here. to automatically create an email with the information.


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