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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Revit Clinic: New way to access tools!

Great post I'm repeating from The Revit Clinic: New way to access tools!

New way to access tools!

There is a new method to access tools in 2010. In previous releases you could use your keyboard to enter a keyboard shortcut key. Like ZE to Zoom your view to its extents. We still have these keyboard shortcuts in 2010, but we also have Key tips.

Open Revit and press the Alt Key.

You will see this:


Little letters appear above the QAT and the Ribbon Tab names. These are key tips. If you press them, you will open up additonaal key tips or use a tool. Here I pressed H to display the tips under the Home Tab.


This is just another way to access tools. It is important to note though that Keyboard shortcuts are not the same as keytips and sometimes use different letters. Also, Key tips are only available if you press Alt, while key board shortcuts are always available.


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