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Friday, April 3, 2009

Revit LEED Workflow Class 4/10/09 1/2 day

We are officially releasing our BIM for LEED Revit class. Learn how to use Revit, the IES plugins and few other tools to do Building Performance Analysis calculations. If you already own any of the Revit products, you have what you need to take the class. You can sign up at this link
Class name is :4/10/09 Revit / LEED Workflow 1/2 day class $250


Course Length: 1/2 day: Cost:$250




Buildings fundamentally impact people’s lives and the health of the planet. In the United States, buildings use one-third of our total energy, two-thirds of our electricity, one-eighth of our water, and transform land that provide valuable ecological resources. Since the LEED Green Building Rating System for New Construction (LEED-NC version 2.0) was first published in 1999, it has been helping professionals across the country to improve the quality of our buildings and their impact on the environment. As the green building sector grows exponentially, more and more building professionals, owners, and operators are seeing the benefits of green building and LEED certification. Green design not only makes a positive impact on public health and the environment, it also reduces operating costs, enhances building and organizational marketability, potentially increases occupant productivity, and helps create a sustainable community.

As part of our initiative to assist our present clients and potential future clients with this initiative, we here at CADD Centers have created this course for any interested individuals, and/or corporations in the AEC industry to enroll and learn the basics of BIM (Building Information Modeling) to encompass the use of the Autodesk Revit platform for design and energy analysis for use with LEED mandates. Use of IES (Integrated Environmental Solutions) Virtual Environmental and LEED Toolkit software is included as part of this course.

Prerequisites: It is suggested that individuals enrolling in this class have a good working knowledge of the AEC industry and architectural design.


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