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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

AIA E202-2008 BIM Protocol Exhibit (9 page PDF)

I'm sure all of you have already seen, read and memorized this document, but for those of you in denial as to the future of the AEC industry, have a look at this PDF.
This is a critical document to answer a lot of your questions on how to share the BIM Database with others.

PDF Link - AIA E202-2008

E202-2008, written by practitioners from across the industry, provides the contractual structure for managing the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) across a project. It also is the first AIA document written exclusively to advance the use of BIM on building projects.

From the outset of a project, it creates an environment that encourages model authors to share their models with downstream users, designers, contractors, schedulers, cost estimators and fabricators.

This a practical tool, among other things:

  • Specifies who is responsible for authoring each element of the model at each project phase, so no major design elements are missed or left unaddressed.
  • Defines the extent to which downstream model users can use and rely on the model for scheduling, pricing, fabricating and construction.
  • Assigns management of the model to a specific party by project phase, so there's no confusion about who is managing the model at any time.

If you would like more information about the latest AIA Contract Documents update, please visit www.aiacontractdocuments.org.

Thank you.

AIA Contract Documents


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