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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Andekan Revit Plumbing Pack now available - over 700 objects

For those of you who've complained that there's never enough Revit MEP content, I'm proud to announce that Andekan, the world leader in the highest quality Revit content, has just this minute, released the first of their Revit Family Content Packs.

It's really an incredible deal when you figure that it's only $52/family for the 67 main families, or even better, $4.98 per object when you consider the over 700 objects within this fully parametric set of content. The best part is that they're fully functional for use within Revit Architecture, Structure and MEP. That makes them even more valuable because they include all of the parameters necessary to do design and analysis. It would take you hours to recreate each of these objects on your own and that doesn't even factor in the parameters that Andekan's years of research and development provides.

Available Now! $3,999.00 Purchase by June 1st and save $500 ($3495)! Contact me today for details on how to take advantage of this offer.

Fully Parametric
Screenshot 1

Our US Plumbing Starter Pack contains 67 state-of-the-art, fully parametric, imperial Revit families. Speed up your work and improve the quality of your projects with these geometrically precise and light-weight models.


Access over 700 of the most popular piping and fixture products from Tyler, Zurn, American Standard, Nibco, and Smith.

Screenshot 1

Optimized for Revit

Screenshot 2

Tested by senior plumbing engineers, these families are designed to get the most out of Revit 2009 and Revit 2010. See objects at the appropriate level of detail in plan views, section views, and 3D views. The Pack also comes with a Revit project file containing all mechanical settings and system families, allowing for easy import via Revit’s “transfer project standards” feature.

67 Piping and Fixture Revit Families (702 products) from Tyler, Zurn, American Standard, Nibco, and Smith.

American Standard

  • Selectronic Lynbrook Maybrook FloWise – Elongated ChinaLUX – Two Piece Aqualyn Declyn


  • Couplings – 58-48 01 Trap Adapter – 58-48 01 Hub x Hub Bends – 58-48 06 07 08 60 Quarter Bend w-Low Inlet Heel – 58-48 61-LH Spigot x Hub Bends – 58-48 06-2 07-2 08-2 60-2 Double Quarter Bend – 58-48 37 Sanitary and Reducing Sanitary Tee – 58-48 11 Street – Sanitary and Reducing Sanitary Tee – 58-48 11-2 Double Sanitary Tee – 58-48 35 Vent Tee – 58-48 11-V Two Way Cleanout – 58-48 11-C Double Long Turn TY – 58-48 36 Long Radius TY – 58-48 12-LR Wye – 58-48 10 Street Wye – 58-48 10-2 Double Wye – 58-48 34 Return Bend – 58-48 78 P-Trap – 58-48 85 P-Trap w-Cleanout – 58-48 84 P-Trap w-Union Joint – 58 92B 92-C


  • Carrier – 0210DY Carrier – 0210LY 0220LY Carrier – 0210RY 0220RY Carrier – 0240L 0240LY Carrier – 0240R 0270RY Carrier – 0240D 0270D 0240DY Floor Drain – 2010CA Floor Drain – 2010CB

Tyler Pipe

  • No-Hub – Quarter Bend No-Hub – Tapped Short Quarter Bend No-Hub – Double Quarter Bend No-Hub – Sanitary Short Bends No-Hub – Sanitary Long Bends No-Hub – Long Sweep No-Hub – Wye No-Hub – Double Wye No-Hub – Combination Wye No-Hub – Double Combination No-Hub – Tapped Wye No-Hub – Sanitary Tee No-Hub – Sanitary Cross No-Hub – Sanitary Tapped Cross No-Hub – Concentric Reducer No-Hub – P Trap No-Hub – P Trap w-Half Inch Tap No-Hub – Running Trap w-Double Vent No-Hub – Two Way Cleanout Service Pipe – Bend Service Pipe – Double Quarter Bend Service Pipe – Long Bend Service Pipe – Sanitary Cross Service Pipe – Double Wye Service Pipe – H Branch Service Pipe – P Trap No-Hub


  • Siphon – Z1204-2ND4 Carrier – Z1214 Waste Water Drains – Z415-B Heavy Duty Drain – Z610 Carrier – Z1204-H


Anonymous,  May 27, 2009 at 5:54 PM  

Is the content protected? If i fork out the $4000 to buy the library, put the families into my project then send the model off to other consultants for review, what stops them taking the families (which i paid for) out of the model?

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