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Monday, May 11, 2009

Announcing The Autodesk Everything Must Go (3D) Sale

Today Autodesk started their 2007 Retirement Promotion.
Anyone with 2007 licenses can upgrade or crossgrade to our favorite Revit Suites for up to 30% off the normal price.

For 2007 licenses:
Upgrade or crossgrade and purchase subscription for a 30% discount on the software.
Upgrade or crossgrade without subscription for a 20% discount on the software.

This is Phase 1 of the promotion which runs from 5/11/09 to 7/17/09.
Phase 2 will be 20% with subscription and 10% without.
Phase 3 will be 10% discount with subscription.

Now, the interesting thing is what comes next and I've never seen Autodesk do this, so pay attention to this one.
If you have 2008 or 2009 licenses, they ALSO qualify for the 30/20 discounts. Next, the really crazy thing is that for those of you who had subscription and stopped, or bought Revit without subscription, can qualify for a 30% discount for Retro subscription. Retro subscription requires current subscription, so there's no 20% discount without.

Why is Autodesk being so generous with the discounting? Because effective 3/16/10, Autodesk is changing their upgrade/crossgrade pricing policy to 50% of retail to upgrade or crossgrade licenses that aren't current or on subscription.

If you're currently on subscription, you can ignore all of this, but if you have some extra licenses lying around, there will never be a better time to get them current.


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