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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Building Coder: Revit and Dragonfly

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This is based on a note I received from Emile Kfouri, the Autodesk Senior BIM Platform Manager in the AEC Solutions Division. The Dragonfly team sent an e-mail recently to inform us that Dragonfly has the ability to export a model to Revit using the Revit API.

What is Dragonfly?

Dragonfly is a web-based application for home improvement projects targeting entry level 'designers' like the home owner. Dragonfly's intuitive design tools help you rapidly create and furnish a floor plan, experimenting in real time with your ideas in 2D and 3D before making it real. Dragonfly also enables you to share any saved designs with others by clicking the 'Share' icon in the upper left hand corner of the Designer window. The site has seen very brisk traffic since its launch in March.

For professional designers who use Dragonfly, you can export the floor plan and furnishings as a Revit RVT file.

Dragonfly is the second Autodesk SaaS or 'software as a service' solution that uses Revit technology in the back end. The original trail blazers were the SEEK team.

All you need to do is log on to Dragonfly.

Here is a quick example in three steps:

1. Design your building:

Design your building

2. Select Export to Revit:

Export to Revit

3. Open the model in Revit:

Open the model in Revit

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