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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An amazing new plugin for Revit from Tools4Revit

You've got to see this. It's going to be available on July 13th. It's a plugin for Revit that allows you to insert families, objects, lights, base modeling, etc into Revit from a menu. You can pick an entire floor, select all rooms, pick the object, such as a light, and it's inserted into every selected room in the model.

You have got to go watch the video this second. I'm in awe of the brilliance of this and I'm not just saying that because I'm the US distributor for Tools4Revit, I'm saying it because it's the most fantastic thing I've ever seen as a timesaver for Revit designers.

It's called BID - Building Information Detailing (code name Building Interior Designer)

Here's the link to watch the video of the http://www.tools4revit.com/building-interior-designer/insert-elements/

I can't believe it...it gets better. The plugin lets you select any parameter and change them all through the entire building. Lights. Ceiling heights, colors. Anything.....this is phenomenal.

Keep going and you can analyze element data: http://www.tools4revit.com/building-interior-designer/analize-data/

And for the big finish, generate legends in sections and list quantities: http://www.tools4revit.com/building-interior-designer/analize-data-update-legend/

Again, this will be available for the United States on July 13th. I will have pricing information available shortly as well as trials and product demonstrations.

You can submit a request at this link for pricing and more information.


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