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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Revit Service Pack Information on Update release date and a rude response to Matt Rumbelow!

My dear friend Matt who works for a reseller in Australia decided to post a comment about the premature nature of my Service Pack post. Perhaps, Matt didn't notice that the build date of the Service Pack is June 12th and I made the posting on June 26th. That's a full 2 weeks after the update file was created.

As I have done previously with information about the Ribbon, release of 64bit, release of AutoCAD Architecture bundled with Revit Suite, the release date of Revit 2010 products and release of Revit for subscription customers prior to release date, I will continue to provide my readers and the world the information as soon as I can, even if it is before the actual release of the update.

It's more important that everyone has this information so they can make deployment and IT plans and be ready for when the software actually hits their hard drives. It's always better to have the information too early than too late. If only Matt had any sort of Revit technical experience, he'd have known that and not made that blog comment (settle down Matt, I know you have Revit technical experience, just wanted to raise your blood pressure thousands of miles away).

Anyhow, expect the Revit Update to be released early next week as Autodesk is on vacation this week, well everyone except for Scott Sheppard at http://labs.blogs.com/ who's just released
Project Showroom 1.0.20.

Matt, thanks not for your comment and get back to your funnel!


Matt July 2, 2009 at 10:59 PM  

Ah Gregory,
I guess I deserve such a response for daring to comment about your "premature proclamation" issues.

Those things are best not mentioned in such a public forum :-)

Although I am wondering just how you managed to get your hands on the long list of Updated Enhancements to Revit 2010 (which are no doubt welcomed by all users), I am wondering even more as to why the Revit product team decided that all users have to wait more then 3 weeks to actually have (some) of their issues resolved?

If the build is finalised as your posting suggests, then why delay it?

Keep up the great investigative work!!

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