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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Summer of LEED

I've been a LEED AP for a little over 24 hours now. As it sinks in that I can actually be responsible for the certification of a LEED building, the reality of what that entails is completely overwhelming.

As I remember a song of Bryan Adams from my college years, 'Summer of 69' significant of the LEED 69 points, at least until tomorrow when LEED 3.0 starts. Now we have the 'Summer of 110'...nah, that doesn't work (and for no apparent reason, I'm including the 'Summer of 42' just because I read the book as a teenager and LEED should has as much impact as that book & movie did back then). I'm a LEED AP for one day, and tomorrow they start a whole new system. Just great.

So, now I, like the rest of you LEED APs reading this, have to learn the new system.
I'm calling it the 'Summer of LEED' for those of you old enough to remember the 'Summer of Love' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Summer_of_Love.

To help you reminisce about the great old times, under LEED 2.2, here's a starting point for LEED 3.0 and beyond.

So long LEED 2.2. It's been great knowing you all of these 24 hours. Hello v3. Be gentle with us. We're all new here.


LEED v3 launched on April 27, 2009, including an upgrade of LEED for New Construction under the suite of LEED 2009 rating systems. LEED for New Construction 2009 is served by the Green Building Design and Construction Reference Guide.

Download the LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations 2009 Rating System » (PDF)
Download the checklist » (XLS)

and some FAQs

LEED Green Building Certification System

Green Building Design and Construction

Green Interior Design and Construction

Green Building Operations and Maintenance

Residential and Neighborhood Rating Systems

Education, resources and tools: USGBC remains your source
» Education: The LEED core curriculum is responding to the new version of LEED and helping professionals prepare for the LEED professional credentials.
» LEED v3 webcasts: USGBC members are invited to join us live for a series of free weekly webcasts on LEED v3. Members will also have the opportunity to ask questions during these live online sessions.
» Reference guides: LEED 2009 reference guides are now available.
» Learn how LEED v3 and GBCI's new credentials will affect you.


Lesley LEED AP June 30, 2009 at 2:49 PM  

You are so funny!! Congratulations on passing the LEED 2.2 exam...are you planning on opting into the new system and becoming a LEED AP+?

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