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Monday, June 8, 2009

Tools For Revit - Increase your productivity with Dynamic Legends!

Dynamic Legend (DL) - extension for Revit® Architecture, Revit® Structure and Revit® MEP allows quickly to create, modify and update legends for different elements of Revit®. Revit doesn’t update elements at the legend automatically, depending on the model. It takes a long time to bring and update all data in the legend manually. DL helps increase your productivity and avoid mistakes.

Legends created by Dynamic Legend are intelligent. DL reads data in the legend and understands its configuration. Dynamic Legend calculates how many components is needed for Legend, copies and writes all parameters according the predefined configuration.

User can change the configuration at any time:
• change Legend‘s component and its view type (plan, elevation, section or other);
• sort Legend‘s components in different ways;
• remove/add a new type or instance parameter which values want to see in Legend;
• add/remove a row/column number‘s parameter for Legend table.

Dynamic Legend calculates total value for any numeric instance parameter of Revit® object like length, area, volume and so on. Also writes a row or column number in the legend table if needed, calculates grand total values and writes them in the last additional row or column which is created automatically. Data can be easy exported to Excel. User can preview all calculated data in the separate window before finishing the legend or creating an Excel table.

Dynamic Legend 2010 Video:

Create Doors Legend
Create Furniture Legend
Create Wall Legend
Create Fan Coil Legend (Revit MEP)

Dynamic Legend 2010 Documentation:

PDF Main information (pdf)

Software versions:
The latest release: 2010.1 (build 2009.05.12)
Unit systems: Supports metric and imperial.
Languages: English.

Contact me for a price quote for the US.

System Requirements
Same as for 32-bit or 64-bit Autodesk Revit Architecture/Structure/MEP


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